Laser Hair Bleaching Benefits in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Cost

Laser is one of the leading technology surrounding different fields of medical sciences and other sciences as well. It helps out in different types of surgeries to provide effective results with its noninvasive nature. The laser also helps in removing and bleaching hairs. It hits the dark pigment of the hairs which is known as melanin. When the pigment is down the hair changes its color from black or brown to golden. This procedure not only affects the color of the hair but also helps in making the hair roots weak so that they fall out with time and stop growing. Laser Hair Bleaching Benefits in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah are shared below in order to let people have a broader view of what this procedure is and how it can be beneficial.

How Does it Work?

An average laser hair bleaching session lasts for roughly 15 minutes with the following steps:

  • The dermatologist will target the treatment area such as facial hairs or bikini hairs with the fixed frequency of laser light that helps in breaking down the melanin and result in bleached golden or skin-matched color hairs. 
  • Sunblock is then prescribed to use daily for a safe recovery and to enhance the skin texture and protect it from the toxins found in UV rays.
  • Following a laser hair bleaching procedure, the hair will change color for around two weeks before falling out. 
  • Usually, after 1 month, the fine hair will grow back. 
  • They will, nevertheless, have the same hue and feel. 
  • Candidates thus require a follow-up appointment to keep the unsightly fine hair hidden. 
  • The quantity and quality of the candidate’s undesired hair, however, will determine how many sessions are necessary.


There are several advantages to laser hair bleaching. Below are a few of the advantages:

  • The procedure helps conceal unsightly, fine, and infant’s hair.
  • It is a quick process that may be finished around lunchtime.
  • During the operation, patients don’t experience any discomfort, agony, or irritation.
  • This therapy involves no downtime.
  • The outcomes are certain and efficient.
  • The majority of skin and hair types respond well to this safe therapy.
  • It delivers durable and natural-looking results.
  • Other than a slight amount of swelling or redness, the surgery has no adverse effects which get removed within a few hours.

Is this Procedure Permanent?

This procedure is not permanent as it only affects the hair color, not its roots. After bleaching the hair falls out in 2 weeks but as time passes new hair grows with the same potency and color. Regular use of this procedure can help out is decreasing the number of hairs.

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