Large Pores Treatment Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price

Everyone wants their skin to look smooth and healthy. Although large pores occur intensively in some parts of our skin, especially around the cheeks and nose, the pores formed in the face area make people quite uncomfortable. Pores are openings that can be blocked due to excessive secretion of wastes such as sweat and oil. You can get pore tightening treatment with the laser at Enfield Royal Clinic in the most affordable Large Pores Treatment Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Why get Laser Treatment for Large Pores?

It gives the most effective results in all pore tightening treatments. They can reach the lowest layers of skin. With a laser, skin pores are tightened, and wrinkles and skin spots are reduced. The important thing here is the skin type and skin needs; if combined with different treatments, it gives much more effective results. After the treatment, one should not expose the skin directly to the sun and stay away from scorching environments such as solarium and sauna for a week.

Benefits of Treatment:

The treatment has the following advantages:

  • Pore tightening
  • Elimination of acne problems
  • Skin blemishes treatment
  • Wrinkles treatment
  • Pigment differences
  • Special care for dry, combination, and oily skin
  • Ozone care
  • Facial massage

Professional skincare, which has benefits such as thickened skincare, ensures that the skin is always healthy, vibrant, and bright.


The Large Pores Treatment Cost in Dubai can range from AED 499 to AED 2999. The cost of pore tightening varies from person to person, depending on the method to be used, the number of sessions, and the severity of the pore enlargement. Although it is not possible to give a price, we can say that creating a formula suitable for every budget among the existing treatments is possible. The doctor will determine the price after the initial consultation.

Factors Affecting the Cost:

The cost is impacted by several factors, including the number of sessions you need to take, the clinic’s location, and the doctor’s expertise. Following are some of the factors affecting the cost:

Number of Sessions:

Depending on your desired results, the number of sessions you must take might increase, and the more sessions you must take, the more you have to pay.

Doctor’s Qualification:

The experience and expertise impact the cost significantly as it determines how much you pay for his services. The more experience a doctor has, the more he will charge.


The kind of lasers used for treatment also impact the cost of treatment. The more advanced the laser is, the more you will have to pay for it.

Clinic Location:

The clinic’s area, city, and the region also impact the cost significantly. If the clinic is located in a posh area and has all kinds of facilities, it will be more expensive.

Clinic Level:

The clinic is equipped with modern treatment devices and trained and experienced staff. It will charge according to the level of services it provides to its clients.

What results can be achieved?

The laser allows us to achieve excellent results in pore tightening as it is one of the most effective skin rejuvenation systems. While the skin is renewed by peeling, the newly formed skin has a much more robust and tighter structure thanks to the collagen production triggered in the deep tissues.

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Why Choose Us?

Do you want to consult an expert? Contact Enfield Royal Laser Treatment Clinic for details about the Large Pores Treatment Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah and discuss any questions you have about how the treatment is carried out. Our experienced surgeons at Royal Clinic perform complex surgeries daily to ensure safety and comfort. The high qualification and professionalism of doctors guarantee the desired aesthetic result!