Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is a bariatric surgery performed by attaching an adjustable band on the upper portion of the stomach. This band can prolong the time it takes for food to travel to the lower portion of the stomach for digestion. This can make you feel fuller from eating lesser food resultantly decreasing your food intake. A decrease in your daily diet can cause you to lose weight which is why this surgery is recommended to treat people with severe obesity issues and a BMI of even 40.

Aim of the Procedure:

The main purpose is to decrease food intake and slow down the digestion process by keeping it in the stomach for longer without allowing food to digest quickly, to counter obesity. This method, introduced in 1990, is still recommended for people who have tried to exercise but are struggling to manage their diet properly to make any actual change.

Limitations and Precautions:

Anyone who is suffering from obesity can choose to get this treatment, however, there are certain limitations to this procedure as well.

  • This treatment is not adequate for treating anyone with a BMI over 45.
  • One should be committed to the aftermath of the surgery and include changes in diet and the precautionary requirements for best results.
  • LAGB isn’t for someone with a history of drug and alcohol abuse and inadequate self-control. The desire for change in daily routine is mandatory for this surgery.
  • LAGB isn’t for someone who has previously received gastric surgery.


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The doctor will examine you during an initial consultation to check your suitability as a candidate for the surgery and will give you a picture of what to expect post-surgery. A Psychological evaluation may be performed prior to surgery along with nutritional education to ensure that you’re prepared for surgery and the changes that come with it.


This surgery can take up to an hour, depending on each individual case. During this surgery, locally administered anesthesia is administered after which multiple small incisions in the upper abdomen allow the doctor to gain visible access. An inflatable gastric band is attached which creates a pouch-like chamber which is the reason it is also referred to as a lap band surgery. It decreases the quantity of food it takes to get a sense of being full by holding it for longer in the stomach without entering the digestion phase. The pouch size may be increased or decreased by inflating it using saline solution injected through a port hidden under your skin. After a brief recovery period, you can resume your daily activities however a strict dietary plan must be followed after surgery, and regular follow-ups are recommended to increase or decrease the size of the band as and when required.


Following surgery, make sure to keep the following instructions in mind.

  • Make regular appointments with your care provider to avoid any risks related to the surgery. Even though it is the least invasive option to treat gastric complications, it still carries a significant amount of risk if proper aftercare is not provided.
  • The surgery may resultantly cause a decreased amount of iron intake which can cause anemia. Regular monthly blood tests are mandatory to monitor your progress.
  • Exercising regularly will mean that you will continue to make progress, which may otherwise be wasted without a proper diet plan.
  • If you feel any unusual discomfort or pain following the procedure, consult your healthcare provider immediately.

Is It Worth It?

LAGB is performed under specific conditions as this surgery can carry certain risks associated with any gastric surgery. However, it is recommended for its least invasive nature and significant results. The band may require adjustments or later removal but contrary to most gastric surgeries, it does not entail permanent removal of any portion of the digestive tract or realignment so it requires the least amount of recovery time. It also does not impact the digestion process and patients may continue to lose weight for over 3 years following surgery.

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