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A labiaplasty precisely reshapes the outside appearance of the genitalia. In ladies of regenerative age, the size of the labia minora can differ impressively. A lady might pick a labiaplasty for restorative reasons as well as treat utilitarian weakness. Labiaplasty Surgery Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is quite reasonable.


There is more than one method for playing out a Labiaplasty. The system starts with the organization of sedation. Both neighborhood and general sedation are utilized, and your specialist will conclude which one is ideal for your situation in view of your clinical history.

The trim system is the most regularly utilized labiaplasty choice. A cut is made to eliminate the external edge of the internal labia. The evacuation brings about the inward labia being even with the external labia or marginally subsided. The technique eliminates the hazier piece of the labia also.

The wedge methodology is a somewhat clever choice. The plastic specialist extracts a V-formed wedge from the two sides and afterward joins the edges. The additional folds of the clitoral hood may likewise be decreased through the wedge procedure. The system offers magnificent outcomes however the hazier piece of the labia is left in salvageable shape.


Labiaplasty or labia minora decrease given by our certified plastic specialists at Royal Clinic Dubai assists you with getting the accompanying advantages.

  • Further developed certainty: Your fearlessness and confidence are quick to endure the shot when you have overabundance labia, particularly during close minutes. Labiaplasty is the methodology to assist you with getting your appeal back in such a manner.
  • Alright with any attire: Oversized labia would make it very testing to wear tight garments. Regardless of whether these garments are not awkward, you will be worried about the permeability of your labial folds through apparel. Subsequent to having labiaplasty, you will actually want to stay agreeable in your preferred dress: both genuinely and intellectually.
  • Expanded sexual delight: A better vaginal appearance keeps the humiliation of larger than usual labia during sex under control. Therefore, you will have expanded sexual certainty, making your personal minutes more agreeable.
  • Decreased uneasiness: The labia minora comprises a fragile tissue that rapidly becomes disturbed when presented to rubbing brought about by sexual activity and working out. After labiaplasty, there will be no abundance of tissues to cause you uneasiness, permitting you to partake in your snapshots of actual work and sex.
  • Further developed cleanliness: Labiaplasty eliminates abundance tissue that in any case harbors destructive organisms and makes day-to-day cleanliness troublesome. Along these lines, the gamble of urinary lot contaminations and other medical problems will lessen essentially.

Cost of Labiaplasty in Dubai:

The cost of this treatment is quite effective but it can vary due to the level of the clinic, clinical location, the expertise of the dermatologist, condition of the labia, medical health of the client, type of equipment being used, and the cost of sedative is also added in the sum up.

Labiaplasty Surgery Cost in Dubai can be AED25,000 to AED30,000 about an estimated. But the actual cost can only be determined by consulting the expert cosmetic surgeons at Enfield Royal Clinic with special discounts on occasions.

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If you are feeling ill confident in sharing such an intimate issue then stop doing this and do consult with our expert sexologist at Enfield Royal Clinic in Dubai. Our experts will provide you with the best ever effective results that will enhance the tone and shape of your labia minora and will directly enhance your self-confidence. Consult our specialists and know more about Labiaplasty Surgery Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

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