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Labia Majora can be changed in shape, size, and tone due to the effects of aging and or lack of hormonal release due to menopause. These things may affect your confidence, your beauty, and your feelings during intercourse. It may fade the interest of your partner. To get rid of these issues with minimally invasive procedures learn more about Labia Fillers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah UAE.

What it is?

Labia Majora improvement with Fillers is a method that intends to accomplish a more stylish appearance of the Labia Majora (external vaginal lips). The methodology includes reestablishing lost volume by infusing Hyaluronic Acid fillers inside the pocket of the Labia Majora. This treatment centers around enlarging the Labia Majora by expanding volume.

Who can be an Ideal Candidate?

You can be a good applicant for fillers treatment for a vaginal upgrade if:

  • You have lost vaginal flexibility because old enough.
  • You need to work on the capacity of the genitalia.
  • You need to work on the presence of the external genitalia.
  • You need to work on the appearance or potential capacity of the vagina.
  • You have practical assumptions about the results of the treatment.


This kind of procedure comprises making filler infusions straightforwardly into the labia majora of the vagina. This procedure is brief yet enjoys a major benefit that is, it offers an incredibly precise outcome. The effortlessness of the strategy, the shortfall of entanglements, and the reversibility are components that draw in expected patients.

Moreover, this is a training that is performed under nearby sedation in the facility with potentially repeatable meetings a few times a year. As well vulvovaginal revival is completed normally, with a fast and straightforward technique.


This restorative treatment can convey an assortment of advantages including yet not restricted to the followings:

  • The patient will get critical upgrades a little while later.
  • These filer infusions are successful, straightforward, safe, and cheap.
  • The sexual experience of the patient and the accomplice will get to the next level.
  • The individual will feel blissful and sure; personal satisfaction will get to the next level.
  • This treatment doesn’t cause significant aftereffects and there is no free time.

Why Choose Us?

Everyone desired to look confident and perfect not just by the physical appearance of their physique but also by the appearance of their intimate parts. Especially women are concerned a lot about their vaginal looks and health. If you are one of them then do not hide these issues and do consult our expert sexologists at Enfield Royal Intimate Clinic who will give you fillers treatment after having a full inspection if the fillers treatment is not the best suited for you then we also have other augmentation procedures. And for our new clients, we have an offer that we are offering a very first free consultation with the experts to get to know about your concerns regarding Labia Fillers in Dubai UAE.

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