Knuckles Whitening Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Cost

Faces with white, smooth, fair complexion have typically been associated with refinement and royalty. It makes sense why our distant great-great-great-grandmothers used umbrellas, hats, and powder to shield their faces from the sun. Even now, when golden tans are still popular, the beauty business is increasingly favoring women with white skin.

Hyperpigmentation is an independent component of whitening. Many individuals believe that age spots and bothersome freckles cannot be removed. While it is true that skin that is inherently prone to pigmentation will require extra sun protection due to the likelihood of developing freckles, it is also true that such spots may be lightened. Visitors can choose from a variety of procedures in modern cosmetology to lighten and Knuckles Whitening Treatment Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Causes of Change in Color:

Although other variables can often function as a trigger, genetics is frequently the root cause of uneven pigmentation.

Solar Radiations:

The major causes of pigmentation issues include UV radiation. It is important to note that spots frequently develop on exposed skin, such as the hands, décolleté, and open portions of the face.

Aftereffects of inflammation:

It is observed that when a pimple is pulled out awkwardly and violently, a pigment patch substitutes for the original pimple.

Skin Damage and Burns:

Any mechanical harm to the skin’s deeper layers might locally increase the number of melanocytes.

Hormone Adjustments:

When using birth control or while pregnant, hyperpigmentation frequently develops. Fortunately, it goes away after the hormonal backdrop has returned to normal and the medicines have been stopped.

Preparation for the Treatment:

It is sufficient to abide by the straightforward guidelines outlined below for the laser skin whitening treatment; no prior preparation is necessary.

  • Avoid going to the beach two weeks before the commencement of the course of treatments and refrain from sunbathing outside or in a solarium. Instead, attempt to apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.
  • Cleanse the skin on the face and all other regions that will undergo whitening shortly before the process. No foundation or other creams are required.

How Does Laser Whiten the Knuckles?

The regulated thermal action of laser light energy on Knuckles Whitening Treatment Dubai & Abu Dhabi without harming the epidermis—its outer layer—is the basic working concept of laser whitening.

Our laser combines two laser wavelengths (810 and 940 nm), and both single and double pulses can have an impact on the treated region. With the help of this technique, you may approach the whitening process differently in each situation and get great results without running the danger of damaging your skin. This wavelength has a high bio-stimulating impact, which kick-starts the processes of cellular self-rejuvenation, is effective against hyperpigmentation, lowers skin inflammation, and permeates deeply into the dermis.


Be careful to review the following list of conditions for which laser skin rejuvenation is not recommended before scheduling the procedure:

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Authentic photodermatitis
  • The existence of keloid scars, psoriasis, or herpes in the treatment region.
  • Birthmarks in the treatment region that are hairy
  • Many moles
  • Abnormalities of blood clotting (leukemia)
  • Severe hypertensive conditions
  • Different types of diabetes
  • Oncological conditions
  • Using hormones as well as some painkillers (mandatory consultation with the attending physician is required)

Who is the Suitable Candidate?

A cosmetic surgery called laser knuckle-whitening is primarily intended to enhance the physical appearance of the patient. There are no age limitations; patients as young as 18 can get the operation.

Long after the series of operations, the action of the laser on skin cells will keep it looking as young and healthy as it did up to 10-15 years ago.

What Will Happen After the Procedure?

When light penetrates into the skin, it helps to destroy extra melanin and reduce pigmentation, which has the long-lasting and cumulative impact of eradicating aging skin changes.

The energy of the laser pulse warms up the skin of knuckles at all levels, enhances microcirculation, promotes the production of elastin and collagen naturally, eliminates surface pigment spots, and shrinks tiny vascular formations. Due to the increased collagen fiber production brought on by laser light exposure:

  • Absence of age spots and pigmentation
  • Impede the production of new melanin
  • Skin’s quality advances
  • Makes the skin stretchy. 

Why Choose Us?

Dermatologists face a great deal of difficulty Knuckles Whitening Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah since it can have detrimental implications on health and the skin. When combining whitening procedures into your everyday skincare routine, renowned dermatologist Dr. Antoine of the Enfield Royal Clinic always advises a discrete approach. He makes careful use of all available techniques to stop skin itchiness and dryness. Too many of his patients claim amazing outcomes while entrusting him with their skin.