Jaw Surgery Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Royal Clinic Dubai

Are you experiencing jaw pain that leads to headaches? Problems with open bite, over bite, and under bite? Check with your doctor if you may need Jaw Corrective surgery. 

Jaw surgery, also known as orthognathic surgery, straightens the jaw and corrects any irregularities associated with the jawbones to improve chewing and overall bite. This can make the jaws align correctly on both sides. The specialist performing this operation is called the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, and the Royal Clinic employs some of the most experienced dental surgeons having consultations starting at AED 100.

But when it comes to the total Jaw Surgery Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, you need to be informed. This blog explains all the pricing details for this surgery so you can easily understand how jaw problems will affect your pocket.

Why Consider Jaw Surgery?

Dental surgeons advise undergoing this surgery for three main reasons: breathing problems, headaches, and pain in the jaw. Just so you know, this is a corrective surgery that needs to be done in every condition. It is impossible to elude this as it is a medical requirement to have this operation for jaw problems.

Below are the main reasons to consider this surgery.

  • Make biting easier
  • Improved overall chewing
  • Corrects swollen jaws.
  • Fixes speech problems
  • Provides better jaws closings


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Who is a Good Candidate?

Children are generally considered the best candidates for this surgery because their jaws are not well developed, but in some cases, doctors have recommended waiting a while to plan for this surgery. The ideal age for your child is 14-18 to have this surgery. However, early detection and early treatment can help prevent many complications.

What is the Cost?

The average Cost of Jaw Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is AED 4,000, however, the total cost varies from AED 5,000 to AED 18,000 depending on the severity of your jaw misalignment. Prices are usually reported high under the supervision of an experienced dental surgeon.

In addition, the following factors affect the cost of jaw surgery.

  • Initial consultation
  • Total cost of the operation
  • Hospital stay as needed
  • Pain relievers and additional facilities

Insurance Financing:

Although jaw surgery is considered medically necessary, you may be covered by insurance plans provided by your affiliated company. It is likely to be expected to get the average cost covered, or perhaps 60-70% of it. Obtain the necessary approvals from your company and then let us know that we will draw up a cost plan for you that meets your requirements.

Best Jaw Surgery Clinic in Dubai:

Jaw irregularities are mostly related to long-standing childhood habits and incidents are no longer a big problem anymore with jaw surgery in Dubai. The Royal Clinic Dubai employs some of the most experienced dental surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons who specialize in orthogenetic surgery, efficiently performing using the latest available machinery and advanced tools.

Find out more about Jaw Surgery Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi from our doctors.