IV Hydration Therapy Cost In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Offer

Some things are easily said than done. The same is the case with drinking eight glasses of water every day. Although some people are going remarkably strong with the idea and keep themselves hydrated and toxin-free all the time. But a plan B is always required for those whose health begins to be compromised. Read about; IV Hydration Therapy In Dubai. And find out; IV Hydration Therapy Cost In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. To prevent serious mishaps and long-term problems, consult an expert and restore hydration today.

What Is An IV Hydration Drip?

This drip is filled with beneficial fluids that will fill up the gaps in hydration and match up to the required level of water intake to address the continuous feeling of fatigue, dizziness, and thirst in general. Candidates often talk about feeling exhausted all the time. Or having mild symptoms of headaches quite frequently. The IV Hydration drip will reverse all these unideal circumstances. And help relieve and revitalize for a prolonged period of time.

Is It A Safer Approach To Rehydrate?

Yes! It is absolutely safe to undergo this method to restore healthy and essential nutrients back. These drips are also approved by FDA standards, so there are no side effects or long-term mishaps to worry about. The drips are administered by a registered healthcare provider. Our experts will evaluate your medical history and analyze your current condition before signing you up for any of the IV Drips available at our clinic.

How Often Should I Undergo This Therapy?

We advise a one-on-one consultation after a complete diagnosis post your blood report. Only after a personalized meeting, the healthcare in charge will be able to highlight the accurate number of sessions and precise drip to help you restore healthy perks to enjoying a blooming life. 

What Is The Procedure For This Treatment?

Below is a basic outline to give you a basic guideline about the process;

  • You have to fill out your medical details in the counter form. It is very important for us to know adequate information about our patients, in terms of aiding you with a sufficient dose and drip.
  • The next step is to draw a blood test. Only after a report, we can determine the accurate deficiency and sufficiency to carry on with the restoration.
  • The treatment plan is put forward by disinfecting the skin. Anesthetic spray can be showered on top to numb the area. 
  • Your vein is detected for inserting a cannula. And after connecting all the mandatory attachments together, the drip is switched on.
  • It takes nearly one hour to complete one drip. So you ought to sit back and relax throughout the session.
  • In the end, the needle is removed. We will place a band-aid on top to prevent any bacteria build-up. You are rescheduled for follow-up therapy. And sent home with a few aftercare practices to follow at home. 

What Are The Results And Benefits?

The results are almost instantaneous, below are a few other perks in store for you;

  • The fluid has a precise concentration of salt water. It is not only good for restoring hydration but also allows to reverse hangovers as well.
  • Furthermore, vital vitamins and other antioxidants inside the drip will boost your energy and empower your immunity too.
  • Essential elements and compulsory compounds will keep the blood flow running smoothly. It will also strengthen your muscles and tame the nerves or soreness.
  • Anyone feeling nauseous or dizzy can also feel relieved and well from this multitasking therapy. 
  • On top of that, it will also aid you as an anti-inflammatory medication. People who are sportive or like to part in physical activities are mostly going to benefit a lot. 
  • Moreover, it also helps with digestion and cleanses your stomach thoroughly. No toxins are left behind to cause gastric problems.
  • The rehydration will revitalize you and activate a higher level of defense system to fight off viruses, bacteria, and other environmental issues that reflect on your skin as well.
  • And finally, all the new changes will give you the energy to go on with the day, looking and feeling fresh. Your skin is healing and looking youthful. All this without any downtime and high-end expenses. 

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What Is The Cost Of The Treatment?

The final estimation is determined by the number of drips you have considered. However, to sum up, the average cost of IV Hydration Therapy In Dubai, the value varies from; AED 190 and above.

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