IUD Insertion Mirina Cost In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price

Are you looking for an effective contraceptive with long-term benefits? Or do you want to avoid pregnancy and are not sure what is the right option? Then, do not worry, IUD Insertion Mirina In Dubai is a good option to start with. It secretes hormones to dodge pregnancy but these hormones do not have any effect on your mental as well as physical health. For this reason, you can enjoy your intimate sessions without worrying about an unplanned pregnancy ruining your life plans. Read along to gain insight on IUD Insertion Mirina Cost In Dubai & Abu Dhabi and empower your decision.

What Is IUD Insertion Mirina?

It is a T-shaped device, that is inserted inside the womb to prevent pregnancy. The treatment consists of progesterone, a hormone that works as a contraceptive. It is contained in the uterus where it works diligently to avoid fertilization of egg. It is a convenient procedure since it only needs to be inserted and does not require any additional maintenance as well as has no effect on your fertility rate.

How Does It Work?

The device secreted out a low dosage of progesterone to thicken cervical muscles and create an additional layer of mucous membrane. This makes it harder for the sperm to enter the uterus, hence delaying pregnancy. The hormone also thins out the lining of the uterus making it difficult for the egg to fertilize and implant. This two-fold phenomenon suppresses the ovulation and blocks the sperm from entering, hence providing the desired results.

Positive Outcomes:

You will be able to notice the contraceptive effects of the treatment. Similarly, the treatment will make your life convenient and will not be able to disrupt the mood during intercourse, so you can enjoy your time. Moreover, it is also known for its potential for controlling acne outbreaks.

Are You An Eligible Candidate?

Individuals seeking long-term birth control then, you can undergo this treatment. Similarly, patients with generally good health are suitable for this procedure. However, if you have severe medical conditions such as uterine bleeding, hemorrhage, etc then, you should not undergo this treatment. Similarly, women with progesterone allergy should look for an alternative.

What Happens During The Process?

  • First of all, a pregnancy test as well as a physical examination is taken to get an idea of the depth of the uterus.
  • Then, general anesthesia is used during the treatment to eliminate discomfort.
  • The specialist will position you comfortably on the examination table and insert a special apparatus to allow for better visualization of the cervix.
  • The cervix is sterilized and a special t-shaped device is inserted into it with the help of an insertion tube.
  • After this, the tube is retracted and the dangling thread is trimmed to the appropriate length.
  • The apparatus is removed and you are sent home.

Benefits To Look For:

There are several advantages of IUD Insertion Mirina In Dubai. These include:

  • The treatment is a highly effective birth control with a failure rate of less than 1%. This makes it a reliable solution.
  • Moreover, the insertion can last up to 5 years or more, with the right amount of maintenance. This also makes your life convenient by eliminating the need for pills and other contraceptives.
  • It is also known for reducing period cramps and also lightening the blood flow. However, your fertility is maintained over time.
  • The effects of this treatment are temporary, so when you decide to have a family in the future, you can easily remove it and your fertility will return to normal.
  • Apart from that, the treatment also reduces the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease by thickening the mucous membrane and blocking the entrance of bacteria.
  • Furthermore, the treatment does not interfere with sexual intercourse and does not cause any side effects due to hormones.
  • Lastly, you will be able to control your life and enjoy it, without worrying about any accidental pregnancy.

Is It Safe And Effective?

The treatment is considered both safe and effective. After the side effects are surpassed, you will be able to tolerate the treatment and continue with your daily routine without disruption. However, consult your doctor, if you have any additional concerns.

Expected Cost:

The average charge for this treatment starts from AED 1,200. To gain a precise idea of the cost, you should consult a healthcare professional, since the final pricing is calculated based on the resources used during the procedure.

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