Is Vela Shape The Same As Cool Sculpting in Dubai Price & Cost

Summer is here! It’s time for pool parties. Or days on the beach. But if you are thinking to miss out on the fun, because you have gained a few extra and more pounds over the winter. Do not worry, we got you! Vela Shape in Dubai is a fast and effective way to get rid of fat without going under the knife. You can get a reduction of the extra bulk from anywhere on your body. Read and learn more about the treatment in depth. And find out whether Is Vela Shape The Same As Cool Sculpting in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? So get ready to go out. And have all the fun this season has to offer. 

What Is Vela Shape?

A new and more powerful technique to trigger unwanted body fats. Vela Shape is a non-invasive treatment that requires no needles. And there is absolutely no need to go under the knife. The treatment is powered by Radio Frequency Lasers that perform a two-in-one task. It eliminates cellulite and contours the body at the very same time. The goal of the treatment is to break down unwanted fat cells from anywhere in the body.

Is It the Same as Cool Sculpting?

Vela Shape and Cool Sculpting are designed to deliver the same results. But technically, the two treatments are completely different from one another. Cool Sculpting is powered by cool energies. The frostbite effect of the treatment works to deliver cooling sensations. This freezes the fats. The action dislocates the fat cells and allows the body to flush them out of the system naturally. Cool Sculpting is specifically designed for fat reduction only. Whereas, Vela Shape is a Laser RF treatment. It is powered by heat energy that works inside and outside the body. The mechanical device is used on the exterior of the skin. It massages the area which promotes blood circulation. This causes collagen production inside the dermis. And performs a multitasking effect by shrinking and breaking down the fat. While at the same time improving the cellulite on the surface of the skin.


Below is a step-by-step guide to guide you through the entire procedure;

  • The expert will examine and measure your area of concern. This will be helpful later on. During the time when you will be shown the before and after results.
  • Moving on to the main procedure; the expert starts off by cleaning the skin. A numbing cream will be applied to the area under treatment. 
  • When everything is all nice and numb. The Vela Shape applicator is gently applied to the skin. This is a hand-held device that is about to work wonders for you.
  • The RF Laser beams are now activated. The expert will press and release the heat energy. This will pull the skin inside the vacuum couplings. And massage the area at the same time. 
  • The built-in rollers on the device roll over the fat tissues. Which eventually leads to burning them down inside the layers of the dermis. 
  • One by one, the dead fat cells will travel to the drainage system. And exit the body naturally.
  • It is a completely pain-free procedure and requires a series of 3 sessions to achieve your desired goals.

What Are The Benefits?

There are multiple benefits to Vela Shape in Dubai. Read to find out;

  • A completely comfortable fat reduction experience that provides obvious improvements to your body.
  • It promotes collagen production and elasticity in the skin. The end result will not only reduce your extra body fat. But also improve the cellulite on your skin.
  • The Laser speeds up the results and provides long-lasting results.
  • Vela Shape transforms your body from within and contours it without causing any damage to the skin.
  • You can play on your phone or watch any series while undergoing treatment.
  • Skin becomes smooth over time. And the rejuvenating effects inside the dermis promote youthfulness to the appearance of the body.
  • There is no recovery or downtime from the course of action. You can go out and about your daily routine after sitting your session.
  • The final result is the perfectly toned and slim body of your dreams. And lastly, you feel confident and happy in your skin. 

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