Is Microneedling Permanent for Acne Scars in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Acne Scars!

The scars of acne on the face are a reminder of the pimples & acne lesions you ever had. Scars come in a variety of types, some get disappeared with time while some are rigid and don’t go away easily. This deep hollowness on the skin may leave the client stressed & depressed. Anyhow, acne occurs when the pores are refilled with oil, dirt, and germs, generating various kinds of bumps, blemishes, and lesions. 

As soon the pores of acne swell, it causes a break in the wall of follicles, forming acne blemishes. A few of them are tiny, and their marks are external and heal quickly. Regardless, a little damage even to the nearby tissue causes scars that are deeper. 


There are many candidates who are questioning whether Is Microneedling Permanent for Acne Scars in Dubai & Abu Dhabi? Yes, this is a great option for the ones who are appealing to have resurfacing of laser but seeking an option with minimal or no downtime. The therapy of micro-needling eliminates the upper coating of the skin, promoting collagen & elastin while smoothening the skin, minimizing pores, evening hyperpigmentation, fine lines are smoothened, wrinkles, and so much more.

Furthermore, the process is carried out by utilizing a small, handheld machine to pierce the skin with small, sterilized needles. The process promotes the formation of collagen which eases with new growth of the tissue. 

Is Microneedling Permanent for Acne Scars in Dubai

The amazing part of the method is that the method is permanent and amazingly heals the scars of acne. Moreover, the therapy encourages the growth of new collagen in the skin of the individual, easing the skin to heal itself, and lessening the visibility of boxcars, ice pick, and rolling acne scars.

What else Can the Therapy Treat?

  • Marks of burn.
  • Surgical scars.
  • Damaged skin by sun
  • Stretch marks.
  • Droopy skin.
  • Melasma.
  • Fine lines.
  • Enlarged pores.
  • Acne scars.
  • Active acne.
  • Discoloration and pigment issues.
  • Issues of skin texture.
  • Stimulation of collagen.
  • Dull skin

What are the Results?

The advantages and outcomes of the method are observed over time as the skin recovers and the collagen begins to build. The results can be prolonged with proper protection and maintaining a skincare routine. In addition, the candidate will need touchup sessions that are suggested every year. 

The method can greatly enhance scars of acne and other aesthetic concerns, although the outcomes vary from individual to individual. In addition, the best results are noticed with 3 to 5 methods, spaced for about a month apart.

What are the Pros & Cons?

The Pros:

  • Cost-effective.
  • Anti-aging.
  • Minimal risks.
  • Reduction in enlarged pores.
  • Approved by FDA.
  • Noticeable results.
  • Reduction in scars & wrinkles.
  • Skin is rejuvenated.
  • Reduction in rosacea.
  • The texture of the skin is improved.

A few Cons:

  • Minimal bleeding.
  • Bruising.
  • Infection.
  • Redness.
  • Irritation.
  • Inflammation. 

What is the Process?

The aestheticians at Enfield Royal Laser Clinic utilize a tiny device that has numerous tiny needles to penetrate the upper coating of the skin. The tiny needles eliminate the top coating of the skin, permitting it to heal, formation of collagen & development of new cells to reveal healthy, glowing skin.

What is the Cost?

The standard price of the method varies from AED 400 to AED 1000. The charges might fluctuate as there are some factors that will impact the price of the treatment such as the type of device used, the condition of the skin, the reputation & location of the clinic, the qualification of the expert, and some other expenses. However, the real price will be known at the initial meeting with the dermatologist. 

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