Laser Hair Removal is Cancerous in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

An absolute value that is independent of societal expectations and fashion trends is smooth skin, even, and free of flaws. What cannot be said about how to get such a result is how to do it. We want to discuss laser hair removal, which is arguably the most cutting-edge and efficient form of hair removal. Whether it’s the face, legs, or bikini area, laser hair reduction is now the most efficient and secure method of hair removal. Women from all over the world are turning to her for assistance.

There are numerous misconceptions surrounding laser hair removal, even though it has been quite popular for many years among both men and women. The supposed ability to cause cancer is one of the most well-known. We refute this myth and address the most often asked queries about whether laser hair removal causes cancer in the post. Is Laser Hair Removal Cancerous in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? If you want to learn about it, keep reading.

Who is Not Eligible for Laser Hair Removal?

However, it should be emphasized that several patient groups should not undergo this procedure:

  • People using insulin for type 2 diabetes;
  • Acutely ill patients with infectious illnesses;
  • Suffering from an acute herpes infection in the area of the epilation;
  • Mothers who are expecting or nursing.

Additionally, people with naturally blond hair will not benefit from laser hair removal since their hair lacks the necessary amount of melanin for the process to be effective.


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The laser’s light energy is drawn to and gathered by the pigment melanin found in hair follicles. The follicle is heated and destroyed as a result of its conversion to thermal energy. There will be no more hair growth in this area after that.

The principle of selective photo thermolysis is used by contemporary laser systems. They have selected this particular light wavelength such that the laser only affects the hair follicles and spares the surrounding tissues, such as the skin, blood vessels, and lymph nodes.

Skins Reaction to Laser Hair Removal

It’s critical to adhere to the guidelines to prevent skin irritation from the laser hair removal procedure. Before and after the treatment, avoid using tanning lotions, self-tanners, or the sun for a few days to two weeks. Depending on the laser device type. It is vital to stop using antibiotics, retinoids, steroids, and psychiatric medications. Peels and other exfoliating treatments should not be used.

The skin may get a little red after the surgery, so it needs to be well cared for. Useless cosmetics with alcohol and retinoids should not be used. Use UV-filtering lotions to shield skin from sun rays.

Laser Hair Removal and Cancer

Now the most important question Is Laser Hair Removal Cancerous in Dubai & Abu Dhabi? No organ cancer is brought on by laser hair removal. Because the laser targets the melanin, the dark pigment in the hair, it just affects the hair follicle and doesn’t even touch the surrounding skin. This is the reason why vellus hairs and people with blond hair do not respond well to laser hair removal. Different skin neoplasms emit UV photons of a specific length.

If the patient and the beautician performing the treatment follow all the recommendations, laser hair removal is safe for the skin. It is necessary to consult a doctor before utilizing the laser. The expert evaluates the skin’s condition and computes the number of operations required and their duration. In addition to doing the treatment, his job also entails speaking with the patient in a medical setting to rule out any limitations.

It turns out that the laser can even aid in the treatment of cancer if it does occur during this cosmetic procedure. Furthermore, not a single case of the oncological disease has been linked to laser hair removal anywhere in the world.

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