Is It Better To Get A Hair Transplant In The UAE Or Abroad Cost

Hair loss, a cause of your stress and anxiety, tells the tale of receding and widening crown. Whatever the cause of this condition, one thing is for sure, it is a negative condition to destroy your confidence. But, do not worry, Hair Transplant In Abu Dhabi offers a modern approach to treating your condition, leading to a restored aesthetic appearance. Beyond this charm enhancement, this procedure can address your underlying medical condition, once again proving scientific innovations and rewinding the growth to enhance your sense of self. Additionally, you can uncover the biological principles at display along with the establishment of a new and improved look in this guide. So read along to find out how Is It Better To Get A Hair Transplant In The UAE Or Abroad?

What Is A Hair Transplant?

It involves locating follicles from a fully covered part to the bald part while practicing preciseness to not damage the surrounding area. It is an effective procedure to restore the declining length of your once silky ringlets, even if it stems from several factors such as hormones, medical conditions or certain drugs, androgenic alopecia, or even stress. In the end, it is a permanent treatment with results that are close to the previous growth making it the most appropriate and popular treatment nowadays.

How Does It Work?

This treatment involves two main techniques for extracting follicles. Both differ at the initial harvest step but after that, FUT and FUE involve the same healing process. First of all, the transplanted grafts shed and make way for new and improved grafts. These take time to establish and start their restoration process in several weeks. In the following weeks, you will start seeing improvements that will later transform into a luscious mane.

What To Expect During The Process?

The specific set of steps followed during the treatment are mentioned briefly:

  • Firstly, the donor and recipient area is sterilized and local anesthesia is applied to both sites.
  • Then, the specialist either adopts FUE or FUT for harvesting follicles to use later.
  • For FUE individual follicles are extracted with the help of a punch needle while FUT involves extracting a small, thin strip of grafts.
  • Later, the recipient site is prepared by creating fine incisions, and follicles are cleaned in a saline solution.
  • Your specialist will implant the grafts to mimic the most natural hairline.
  • Lastly, any incisions previously made are closed and the wound is dressed to send you home for recovery.

Benefits To Look For:

The numerous advantages of Hair Transplant In Abu Dhabi are mentioned below:

  • Primarily, the treatment reverses the growth in balding and thinning areas, leading to a thicker, fuller appearance.
  • Moreover, this treatment provides long-lasting results that are typically permanent. Similarly, this makes it a cost-effective alternative.
  • The treatment provides you with luscious long hair, allowing you greater flexibility to explore different styling options.
  • Furthermore, these treatments use advanced technology, minimizing the chance of error and generating natural-looking results.
  • It is easy to maintain and once the follicles are established, they can be sustained for a long time to enhance your visuals.
  • The treatment provides seamless results with minimal to no scarring. This makes your time and money worthwhile.
  • Lastly, the treatment improves your confidence and reduces your anxiety as well as self-conscience, which can make your life unstable.

Why Choose A Treatment In The UAE?

Firstly, it has emerged as a popular destination for several reasons. It offers an affordable pricing plan along with quality treatment with sterile apparatus used during the procedure. Similarly, our clinic makes sure that all FDA ethical and medical guidelines are followed while doing our best to provide the results you desire. Additionally, at our clinic, you will be able to get a luxurious experience with a comfortable facility location and friendly staff to enhance your mood.

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