Is Gynecomastia Surgery Safe in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

When it comes to resizing your breast again it is a matter of choice whether it will sound good to resize and reshape it or not obviously with great advancement in technology the concerning issues can not be ignored breast rejuvenation makes it easier for men to take treatment of their breast just to adjust localized fat in the area of chest to reduce the weight and bulkiness of breast which look very awkward when left untreated breast is the mark of general difference between both the men and woman. today’s modern techniques make it possible to minimize this issue with the help of surgical tools to rest people assured of the possibility of bringing appropriate physical change into their bodies with full provision of safety and efficacy. this procedure also helps us to understand whether Is Gynaecomastia Surgery Safe in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

What Is Gynaecomastia?

It is generally gynaecomastia a term used to express the reduction or resizing of male breasts, but it is not a minor procedure to be taken unserious some points of concern must be taken into the knowledge before finally deciding to attempt it.

Is There Any Alternative Solution:

It depends upon the history and age of the individual.

  • If a person is a teenager having the condition of a large breast with deposited weight inside it can be gone itself easily because of the upcoming changes in hormones level 
  •  also due to the early young age, it can go away on its own by regularly repeating a special exercise
  •  It might go away with the help of medications provided that the person is young enough to tackle the condition on his behalf,
  • When it comes to the elder age it doesn’t go away by itself it must be treated surgically to set down the permanent changes for a longer period.


The procedure includes the induction of anesthesia to reduce the pain at the site of treatment. A small cut or incision is made to adminìster a special pipe inside where the fatty tissues are to be liquified and then taken out of the body. the length of the procedure depends upon the site treated in some cases only a single breast is treated or sometimes both need treatment in a single procedure.

How Many Ways It Can Be Done?

Depending upon the severity of the fatty tissue disposition it can be carried out by two procedure

  • Liposuction: if you are carrying a small amount of fat deposition under the breast skin tissues then it can be treated simply by injecting a suction pipe containing a cannula at the opening site for the extraction of fatty tissues beneath the breast skin  out of the body by initiating the procedure with the help of small cut at 2 to 3 side in the breast.
  • Mastectomy: This procedure is attempted in case of large and excessive fat deposition in tissues especially when there are too many folds of the breast skin present, it is carried out by removing the fatty glands out under the breast tissue this is a less painful and less invasive procedure.


It is a very beneficial procedure with regard and respect to safety and efficacy.

  • It provides ease and comfort when the extra bulk of the breast is reduced to a minimum
  • It provides a masculine look to the person and restorable his confidence
  • It also keeps away from the issues arising due to heavy chest
  • Fatty tissues unlike other part may sometimes in the breast get converted into BIRADs which ultimately produces discomfort this treatment reduce the intensity of transferring fatty tissues into to tumour, BIRADS
  • This procedure inhibits the transfer of fatty cells into any malignancy.

Associated Complications: 

It also has few complications associated with the procedure.

  • Infection at the site of operation due to the use of non-sterile equipment
  • Respiratory infection or discomfort may happen
  • In case of any carelessness and lifting of heavy material may lead to bleeding

Recovery Time :

The recovery time of the procedure merely depends upon the pain and discomfort felt by the person if it is mild in intensity then the person is given fast-acting painkillers to stabilize his position other the whole procedure itself takes around 5-6 weeks to recover.

Post-Operative Care:

To address the feeling of discomfort right after the surgery some precautionary measures are to be necessarily taken to make the procedure successful.

  • Application of cold wet cloth should be made possible
  • Avoid taking turns too early to dislocate your body
  • Do not try to lift mild to moderately heavy objects yourself
  • Take full-time rest and try to maintain the sleeping hours 
  • Avoid drinking alcoholic items 
  • Do not attempt blood pressure-increasing activity or upper body movement should be prohibited for a couple of weeks to avoid bleeding

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