Is Gynecomastia Surgery Painful in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Gynecomastia, or “man boobs,” is a disease that many men find distressing and unsettling. Thankfully, surgical intervention is an option to address this problem. However, one query that is usually asked is, “Is Gynecomastia Surgery Painful in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah?” We’ll discuss the answer to this specific question here in this blog post and outline what to expect, particularly with regard to Dubai.

Understanding Gynecomastia:

It’s crucial to comprehend the disease itself before digging into the pain connected to surgery. It is the term for when males acquire extra breast tissue, giving their chests a more feminine appearance. Hormonal imbalances, genetics, obesity, and specific drugs are all potential causes of this illness.

Ideal Candidates:

Although the choice to have Gynecomastia in Dubai is very personal, the best candidates often have the following qualities:


The best prospects have a doctor’s confirmation that they have gynecomastia. It’s critical to rule out any underlying medical conditions that might be contributing to breast growth.

Good General Health:

Candidates should be in good general health and should not have any illnesses or medical disorders that could put them at risk for complications during surgery or the healing period.

Stable Weight:

The best candidates maintain a steady body weight. It is advised for patients to be at or close to their target weight because significant weight fluctuations can impact the surgery’s outcomes.

Realistic Expectations:

Candidates should have reasonable expectations for how their surgery will turn out. Even while the treatment can greatly enhance chest contour, it might not be ideal.

Psychological Well-being:

For the surgery, candidates should be emotionally and psychologically ready. Candidates should consider surgery to enhance their quality of life because it can lead to emotional turmoil and concerns with self-worth.

Commitment to Lifestyle Changes:

Candidates who are devoted to leading healthy lives are ideal. To stop the condition from returning, this involves regular exercise and a healthy diet.


Smoking can impede recovery and raise the likelihood of problems. The best candidates are those who don’t smoke or who are prepared to give it up before and after surgery.

Types of Procedures:

You may choose from the following types of procedures:


It is appropriate when the majority of the extra breast tissue is made up of fat. This procedure is less intrusive and requires fewer incisions.

Excision Surgery:

It is required when there is a substantial amount of glandular tissue or drooping skin. This procedure involves contouring the chest and removing extra tissue.

Pain Management and Anesthesia:

The surgery typically uses general or local anesthesia and sedatives, with the anaesthesia being determined by the surgeon’s advice and the patient’s comfort level. The intricacy of the surgery, the patient’s medical history, and personal preferences are some of the variables that influence the choice of anesthesia. To make sure the patient is safe and comfortable throughout the treatment, the surgeon will carefully assess these criteria. 

Post-Surgery Discomfort:

Due to the anaesthetic, the procedure itself is painless, but you might expect some post-operative discomfort. This varies from person to person and is a typical aspect of the healing process. Following surgery, it’s common to experience:

  • You could feel sore or uncomfortable near the surgical site, but you can manage it with the help of the pain medicine your doctor has recommended.
  • Chest swelling is common and should progressively go away over the course of several weeks.
  • Although some bruising may happen, it usually goes away after a few weeks.
  • Temporary numbness or alterations in sensation may occur surrounding the treated area; these effects normally disappear with time.

Gynecomastia Surgery in Dubai:

Dubai is renowned for having state-of-the-art medical facilities and talented surgeons. It’s crucial to pick a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in male breast reduction treatments when thinking about Gynecomastia in Dubai. The surgery, including anaesthetic, pain management, and the anticipated recovery time, will be thoroughly explained by the surgeon.

Pain Management and Restoration:

Specific post-operative instructions will be given by your surgeon to assist you in managing pain while you’re recovering. To reduce swelling and accelerate recovery, these guidelines can mention donning a compression garment. To guarantee a speedy recovery, it’s essential to rigorously adhere to the following recommendations.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, even though anaesthetic makes the surgery not intrinsically painful, some discomfort can be anticipated during the healing process. Each person’s level of discomfort is different, but most cases may be controlled with medicine and the right treatment. In order to ensure a successful and painless process, speak with our knowledgeable surgeon. If you are thinking about having gynecomastia surgery call Enfield Royal Breast Surgery Clinic Dubai. You may discuss your worries, expectations, and pain management alternatives with us. Call us directly or fill out the form given below.