Is Gastric Sleeve A High-Risk Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Surgery can be used as a tool. The right tool can pave the path for you to live a healthier lifestyle. No matter what the circumstances are, you should always remember one thing. You are unique. Your journey is unique. Do not compare yourself to others. Everyone is different. Everyone has a different body. And all the different bodies work differently. This is exactly why some people tend to gain weight fast. Others may lose weight fast. But there are some people who feel lost about their weight. No matter how much you try to lose that stubborn fat, nothing seems to be going right. If you are someone, struggling with zero results in terms of moving a single fat cell. A Gastric Sleeve in Dubai is a solution for you. If you are wondering Is Gastric Sleeve A High-Risk Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? Read the guide below, as we take you on a journey where we unveil the secrets of this miraculous surgery.

What Is A Gastric Sleeve?

A Gastric Sleeve is a surgical procedure. It is beneficial in terms of removing a specific part of the stomach. This method allows a transitioning of a wide and stretchable area of the stomach. Which is then transformed into becoming a long narrow sleeve. Once the treatment is done, it is done for life. There are no additional objects that are put into the body. Neither are any other adjustments made after the surgery to the operated part of the stomach.

Is Gastric Sleeve A Risk-Free Procedure?

Unlike any other surgery, Gastric Surgery has a few minor risks latched to it too. But the complication rate is less than 2% for any patient that undergoes the treatment. There is also a reduction in appetite due to surgical changes.


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How Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Performed?

Below is a step-by-step guide to enlighten you about the whole procedure;

  • Before the day of the operation, your surgeon will advise you to fast. Fasting is recommended because an empty stomach is an ideal situation for the surgery to take place.
  • During the operation, you will be put to sleep. This is a crucial step because it allows patients to have absolutely zero memory of the operation.  
  • To gain access inside the abdomen, small incisions are made in the area with the help of the Trocars.
  • These trocars serve as a passageway that allows the surgical instruments to pass through the abdomen.
  • Surgeons use an Endoscope to examine the abdominal cavity. And perform the whole procedure while looking at the monitor screen.
  • Lastly, the surgeon will create a Gastric Sleeve in the stomach. And close the opening of the cavity.

What Are The Benefits Of A Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

There are so many benefits to Gastric Sleeve Surgery;

  • The treatment is a game changer. Patients can lose nearly 100 pounds for starters. 
  • It is an effective method for patients suffering from obesity. They live longer, are healthier, and enjoy a better quality of life.
  • Patients find it pleasing to be able to catch up with their children or grandchildren. One reported finding joy in being able to finally ride a bicycle with them. 
  • Others reported being happily able to tie their own shoelace. 
  • Gastric Sleeve provides overall health maintenance. It reverses diabetes. Lowers high blood pressure. And reduces the ache or pain you felt in the body prior to the surgery.
  • This surgery works as a tool. And you have the power to work with it, of your own free will. The more you sustain the results, the better the outcomes.
  • Patients have noticed a decrease in hunger and an increase in feeling full after all their meals.
  • The rest of the work is handled by the internal digestive system. This further allows the breakdown of the food particles and lets them pass through the intestines and out of the body naturally.

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