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It is always nice to be able to fulfill what you sincerely want and if you can’t it is quite terrible. Especially when it relates to desires related to sexual intimacy. And imagine the confusion of a young woman when her own body fails her at the most crucial moment. When the very attempt of sexual intimacy turns into pain. Vaginismus Painful Intercourse Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can help deal with issues like these.

What is Vaginismus?

This is a pathology in women, which manifests itself in the form of convulsive contractions of the muscles of the vagina and pelvis during or before sexual intercourse. In this case, an acute spasm can occur at any time during intercourse, even at the thought of intercourse. In addition, contractions may occur during the gynecological examination. This can make intercourse, pelvic exams, and tampon insertion painful, difficult, or impossible.

Quick Tip! The problem is caused by both physical and emotional triggers and a woman will not be able to control, prevent or stop this spasm at will.

Quick Facts:

  • There are various forms of the disease, and the symptoms are very different for all patients
  • Pain can range from mild to severe and can cause a variety of sensations
  • It can be a result of emotional upheaval, medical problems, or a combination of both
  • Treatment that includes a medical and psychological component is usually effective


The disease can have different levels of severity and can occur with varying symptoms:


It occurs long before the onset of sexual life or during the first attempt at intercourse. The woman feels pain, and muscle spasms, but everything goes away when the penetration stops. In this case, psychological help is needed.


It is characterized by the appearance after a series of normal, painless intercourse. As a rule, the disease is associated with some kind of event like surgery, trauma, childbirth, and psych traumatic situations. To cure it, it is necessary to exclude diseases that can cause pain and thereby provoke the development of the problem.


Sometimes it only occurs in isolated conditions, which occur, for example, only during sex, and there are no symptoms during the introduction of a tampon or a gynecological examination.


The main symptoms of the disease in a woman are involuntary, uncontrolled, very strong contractions, contractions of the muscles of the vagina, pelvic muscles during intercourse, at the thought of intercourse, before or during a gynecological examination.

In some cases, a woman cannot even insert a tampon due to contractions. If, however, the partner has managed to initiate sexual intercourse, the woman will feel pain and discomfort and in the future she will avoid sex.

Which Specialist to Contact?

An essential point in the successful treatment of the problem is the interaction of specialists, a gynecologist, a psychotherapist, and a sexologist. You must trust your doctor, and feel that you are comfortable with him. His professionalism and delicacy in conversation, diagnosis and examination are important.

Quick Tip! Any insensitive remarks made by your doctor about your condition are a red flag and will be a concern during the treatment.


Initially, when a woman turns to a gynecologist who collects an anamnesis of the disease, when and how do pain and discomfort occur during intercourse, under what conditions and at what age did a woman begin sexual activity, did she undergo any gynecological operations or painful procedures.

An examination is also carried out for the presence of infectious or inflammatory diseases of the small pelvis, and the presence of tumors, or anomalies in the structure of the genital tract. After the woman is sent for a consultation with a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, psychologist, or sex therapist.

How is it Treated?

Before starting the treatment any possible causes such as infection must be ruled out or treated before treating the disease itself. The goal of treatment is to reduce involuntary muscle contractions and fear of pain, as well as to eliminate any other type of fear that may be associated with the problem.

The treatment will include the combination of the following:


Your doctor will advise you to do certain exercises that will allow you to better control your pelvic floor muscles. The exercises will include muscle contraction and relaxation exercises or Kegel exercises to improve pelvic floor muscle control.

Education and Counseling:

Learning about one’s anatomy, sexuality, and the biomechanics of sex can be helping a person understand their pain and the processes their body goes through during intercourse.

Psycho-Emotional Training:

It can help a person identify, express, and resolve any emotional factors that may be contributing to the development of the disease.

Vaginal Dilators:

The woman is advised to touch the area of the vulva every day as close as possible to the entrance of the vagina without pain. Then they can move on to touching and opening labia and finally to dilators. The plastic dilators come in a set that contains dilators of various widths and the woman can gradually go through the set.


The cost of Vaginismus Painful Intercourse Treatment in Dubai can range from AED 4,999 to AED 9,999. The cost of each treatment varies depending on several factors including the number of sessions needed, the treatment technique used, and the doctor’s qualifications and follow-up sessions you need to take.

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