Hyperhidrosis Treatment How does it work in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Sweating is a natural physiological defense mechanism that can occur when we spend excessive effort, feel excitement or fear, or occur to lower body temperature when our body temperature rises excessively. We all sweat when we exert ourselves over-exertion or in very hot weather. Sweating is our body’s natural way of protecting itself. However, there are also cases where sweating is not natural. Such a situation can negatively affect our social life.

So, find out about Hyperhidrosis Treatment: How does it work in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah?

What is Hyperhidrosis?

To diagnose this issue, the patient is examined. During the examination, the areas of the body that sweat excessively are looked at more closely. In addition, some specific questions are asked of the patient. In this way, it is tried to understand why the patient sweats excessively. Sometimes medical tests may be needed. The test known as the sweat test may be necessary for some patients. Other medical tests may also be needed to find the medical problem causing the sweating.

What issues can Excessive Sweating Cause?

Bacterial and fungal infections, eczema and skin rashes, and social and emotional problems are the most common complications in areas with excessive sweating.

What are the Symptoms?

Excessive sweating without a specific cause is a disease that needs to be treated. It occurs equally in both men and women. The median age of onset is usually around 25 years of age. However, sweating of the hands and feet may start earlier. To be diagnosed, the patient must have had regional and excessive sweating for at least 6 months, as well as the following symptoms:

  • At least one bout of sweating per week
  • Sweating is symmetrical.
  • Deterioration in the quality of life
  • They occur before the age of 25.
  • Having a family history
  • No sweating during sleep

Excessive sweating can cause psychosocial problems as it makes people very uncomfortable. Fungal infections are also common in areas with excessive sweating.


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Best Hyperhidrosis Treatment How Does it Work in Dubai   Hyperhidrosis Treatment How Does it Work in Dubai   Hyperhidrosis Treatment How Does it WorkDubai

How is Excessive Sweating Treated?

If excessive sweating is in the form of general body sweating, the cause is investigated and treated. There are surgical and non-surgical treatment options for primary regional sweating. In non-surgical treatment, sweating is reduced with topical or oral medications.

Botox is the other treatment method used. Iontophoresis treatment is especially suitable for cases of hand sweating. In this treatment, patients place their hands in a plastic container with tap water and electrodes. Initially, the treatment is applied for 10 minutes a day for 2-3 days. The supplied electrical energy is gradually increased.

How Does it Work?

People looking for a treatment for their excessive sweating often look for the answer to the question of Hyperhidrosis Treatment: How does it work in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. It is applied to the sweating area at frequent intervals with very fine-tipped needles. A coloring solution can be applied to see the area where sweating is most intense. The application takes at most half an hour. A local anesthetic cream is often used to avoid pain in the injection area. Immediately after the application, the person can return to his daily activities.

How Long Does the Treatment Last?

Improvement is observed within the first week after the application. The effect of Botox usually lasts 4 to 8 months. When the effect starts to wear off, the second application is made.


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