Hymenectomy Purpose, Procedure, Recovery & Results in Dubai Cost

The hymen partially conceals the female vaginal entrance. The membrane is quite thin. Exercise, the use of tampons, or even sexual contact could cause it to tear or stretch. The hymen may occasionally become excessively thick or tight during sexual activity or menstrual cycles. Uncomfort and misery could result from this. A hysterectomy may be suggested in certain conditions. Everything you need to know about Hymenectomy: Purpose, Procedure, Recovery & Results in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is provided here. Read on to learn more about intimate surgery in Dubai


Since this is essentially surgery, the hymen is removed throughout the process. For either personal or medical reasons, anyone may choose it. To cure an imperforate hymen, doctors may suggest a hymenectomy. In this circumstance, the hymen completely encloses the vaginal opening. You can also require it to relieve discomfort brought on by a thick or rigid hymen. Women who have experienced sexual assault or trauma are also eligible to go through this process. Some women, however, decide to have this treatment for more personal motives, such as cultural or religious beliefs.


This surgical operation can be carried out under local anaesthesia. The steps are as follows, and the process normally takes less than an hour to finish:

  1. Pre-operative planning: The patient will be given instructions on how to get ready for the operation before the surgery, which may include fasting for a specific amount of time.
  2. Anesthesia: Local anaesthesia will be administered to numb the area around the hymen.
  3. Incision: A laser or scalpel will be used to make a tiny incision in the hymen.
  4. Removal of the hymen: The hymen will be carefully removed using surgical instruments.
  5. Closure: The incision will be closed using dissolvable stitches.


The patient may have little discomfort and soreness following the surgery, which can be treated with painkillers. To give the area time to recover properly, it is advised that sexual activity be postponed for at least four weeks. Within a few days after the treatment, the patient can resume normal activities, but vigorous ones should be avoided for at least two weeks. To avoid infection, it’s also critical to practice good hygiene and keep the region clean.


It is a simple, reliable operation that can relieve pain and discomfort brought on by an overly thick or inflexible hymen. Additionally, it can assist women who have experienced sexual assault or trauma in regaining control over their bodies. It’s crucial to remember that the hymen’s loss does not always signify sexual activity or virginity. The hymen can be damaged or stretched in a number of ways; thus, a woman has not necessarily engaged in sexual activity if it is absent.

Ideal Candidates: 

Anyone with the following conditions can be an ideal candidate for the Hymenectomy in Dubai:

Medical Necessity: 

It is required for females who have hymenal anomalies, such as imperforate, microperforate, or septate hymens, which can lead to pain, discomfort, or menstruation and sexologist problems.

Relief from Pain or Discomfort:

In order to increase their sexual comfort, women who experience pain during sex owing to a tight or inflexible hymen may get surgery.

Psychological Reasons: 

In order to increase their sexual comfort, women who experience pain during sex owing to a tight or inflexible hymen may get this surgery.

Safety and Consent:

In order to address hymenal damage, sexual assault survivors may think about having this procedure as part of their healing process. The survivor makes this decision.

Psychological Support: 

It is an option for transgender people when they transition their gender. Support for mental health and professional advice is essential in such circumstances.


In summary, a Hymenectomy in Dubai is a surgical procedure in which the hymen is removed for either personal or medical reasons. It can relieve pain and discomfort brought on by a thick or inflexible hymen. It is a safe and successful surgery. To ascertain whether this procedure is required and to go over any possible dangers or side effects of the treatment. It is crucial to speak with a knowledgeable healthcare expert. So, you may contact Enfield Royal Intimate Surgery Clinic Dubai for more details.