How To Treat Burns From Laser Hair Removal in Dubai Cost & Price

Skin is the largest and most visible external organ of the body. Any kind of pimple, acne, or other blemishes is clearly visible which gives you weird look. Likewise, too much hair on your skin does not look good. You want to remove all these unwanted hairs on various body regions. In the past simple waxing or threading was done to remove all these hairs. But with advancements laser technique is preferentially used all over the world.

The laser hair removal method is the best method for hair removal but its effective results depend upon multiple factors. Sometimes it may cause skin burns so come to know How To Treat Laser Hair Removal Burns in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. You can visit Enfield Royal clinic and get to know about it. 

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is the technique that helps you to get all unwanted hairs on the body. The laser light is absorbed by hair follicles that weaken. As a result, they get destroyed and restrict the growth of hairs on the skin’s surface. This method is considered the best to remove all the undesired body hairs. 


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How to Treat Skin Burns?

You can treat all the burns caused by laser hair removal. You should keep that treated area in cold water. The most prompt treatment to minimize burns and pain is to keep the cold ice packs over that area. Moreover, if you still feel itching or sensation you can see your dermatologist to get relief from the pain. 

How Does it Cause Skin Burns?

Many factors lead to skin burns and the formation of permanent scars on the uppermost skin layer. It majorly depends upon the skin tone and texture and the color of the hair on the skin. The major factors that can lead to skin burns are as follows

  • Continuous Exposure of Laser to the Skin:

A laser hair removal technique is used to get rid of all unwanted body hair. Hair follicles are present in deep skin layers such as the dermis. Sometimes this laser light penetrates deep inside the dermis along with damaging hair follicles. Continuous exposure to laser to the skin causes dryness that develops scars. Similarly, if the laser does not have an effective cooling gel it can also lead to the formation of skin burns. 

  • Old Laser Machine:

The old version of the laser machine is the major factor leading to skin burns. Some laser machines do not have a proper system of cooling that keeps the skin hot after treatment. 

  • Dark Skin:

Dark skin ultimately gives an indication of more melanin pigment. It is the pigment that is produced by melanocytes that govern more synthesis by sunlight. If a person has a darker skin tone the melanin pigment is delivered on the entire skin surface. When the skin is exposed to laser light the hair follicles filled with melanin also divert some laser light to the skin. It stimulates skin burns and causes scarring. 

  • Excessive Use of Medicines:

This is also the main factor that can cause skin burns during laser treatment. 

  • Inexperienced Technician:

The lack of proper knowledge about how to use laser devices is also a major cause of skin burns. Improper skills cause more penetration of laser light that leads to skin damage. 

Are these Burns Permanent?

These burns are permanent and can lead to the formation of scars on the skin if the laser energy is penetrated deep inside the skin instead of hair follicles. Laser treatments are done to minimize the appearance of scarring but it sometimes leads to more severe skin burns. However, these burns can be minimized by applying cold ice packs over the burnt area.

Can these Burns Go Away?

If laser energy does not damage the dermis and epidermis they may subside within a couple of days. These burns can simply go away by measuring some aftercare measures and taking deep care of your skin. 


You need to take several precautionary measures to get rid of redness and swelling. Some general aftercare measures are as follows

  • You should not touch the burnt area to prevent the risk of skin infection.
  • You can apply cold ice packs or cubes to lower the inflammation. 
  • You should seek professional help and care if the burns get long-lasting.
  • Apply ointment or other soothing creams to avoid pain. 
  • Make sure that you do not scratch the burnt skin area. 
  • You should protect that site from germs and other bacteria. 

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