How To Remove Stretch Marks Permanently in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Skin is very fragile and complicated. Therefore, Dermatologists recommend wearing higher SPF to set a foundation of protection. However, due to modern-day lifestyle, the sun is not the only harm to watch out for. Our eating habits and daily routine can also cause us many troubles. If you have gained a certain amount of weight. Or have you lost a little weight quite recently? This change without careful consideration may cause you some dermal damage. Have you noticed an unusual pattern of lines on your body? These could be an effect of Cellulite. Read to find out; How To Remove Stretch Marks Permanently in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? And discover the versatile properties of Laser Stretch Marks In Dubai to transform your body into a living phenomenon.

What Are Stretch Marks?

This is not a rare but rather a common skin condition today. There was a time, usually new mothers would face this problem. However, due to poor eating habits, more and more people, regardless of their age and gender; are facing constant weight gain and loss issues. These changes within the body destroy the exterior of your skin. What happens is; the muscle activity will leave a memory in the form of scars and pale stripes. These lines are what’s known as Stretch Marks.

How Can You Get Rid Of Them?

There are various treatments out there to improve the aesthetic appearance of your body. However, when it comes to treating Stretch Marks in general, experts suggest you opt for a non-invasive method first. This is why Lasers are commonly used to treat many dermal conditions. This is a powerful and innovative action plan for the disposal of the problem from within. What happens is; a precise level of heat is drawn to attention. This will enter the deep layers of the skin. And trigger the fat and other overlying problems on top. As a result, your skin improves. All thanks to new collagen working day and night to improve your dermal texture. However, you are required to sit a few series of sessions, in order to reach your desired goals.


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What Is The Procedure?

This is a simple and FDA-approved method to tackle the problem. Below is a step-by-step guide to talking you through the process;

  • The expert will examine your area of concern. And work up a plan for your desired goals. 
  • He/She will begin the procedure by cleansing the entire region under care. 
  • An anesthetic cream is applied on top. This will allow you to go through a comfortable experience. 
  • The next step is to; cover your eyes with safety pair of glasses. 
  • The Laser device is switched on. And the light beams are carefully drawn on your problematic area.
  • A concentrated level of heat will penetrate into the skin. This will restore collagen and plump up the empty spaces in due time. 
  • All the extra fat underneath will also be triggered and slowly dismissed for good. Hence, the white lines or cellulite on top will start to diminish as well.
  • The entire duration may last for an hour, more or less. However, the improvements will take place in less than a month.
  • In the end, the expert will wipe the treated area. And apply a soothing gel to calm any inflammation or redness caused by the intensive heat energy.
  • You are rescheduled for a follow-up session. And sent home with a few home care regimens to avoid any mishaps. 

What Are The Benefits?

There are countless benefits to Stretch Marks Removal In Dubai. Read to learn more;

  • It is a fast and effective way to discard all your dermal conditions away.
  • And the good news is; there is no harm or any hidden side effects to the treatment.
  • It has minimal to almost zero downtime. It depends on your area of concern as well as your capacity to resist.
  • Another perk includes the reproduction of collagen inside the dermis. This means continuous improvements inside and out on the exterior surfaces of your skin.
  • You will notice all the unappealing tiger-like stripes disappearing for good. 
  • Your body looks flawless and well-contoured now. This boosts your self-confidence and restores faith in your aesthetic appearance. 
  • Even the excessive fat stored inside the deep dermal layers is cast off for good. This means your working out hours can finally pay you off. And sculpt your overall body and shape.
  • You can easily move about on the beach. Or enjoy a pool day with your friends and family.
  • There is absolutely nothing stopping or dimming your spotlight anymore. You are looking at the best version of yourself. 

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