How to Remove Dark Circles Overnight in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Periorbital hyperpigmentation or dark circles under the lower eyelids is a cosmetic problem that affects both men and women. It is often accompanied by bags under the eyes, especially in women, it adds age and reduces the quality of life. This is a minor issue; however, it can be difficult to eliminate. So, How to Remove Dark Circles Overnight in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah?

Who gets Dark Circles?

The following persons are more likely to have dark circles under their eyes:

  • Elderly people
  • those who are genetically predisposed to this disease
  • People with dark or swarthy complexions are born with it.

Treatment Options:

There are several medical treatments available for a more effective and permanent solution to the problem of dark circles.

Chemical Peels:

Peels can assist persons with dark circles beneath their eyes caused by hyperpigmentation. They’re frequently used to treat melasma and age spots, as well as other pigmentation issues on the face.

Deep peels in the eye area should be avoided owing to the danger of scarring and increased pigmentation, and gentle peels should be used instead. Peelings using lactic, tangerine, and glycolic acids are popular.


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In the eye region, pigment-targeting lasers can be employed. However, because laser harm to the eyes is possible, the therapy must be administered by a qualified medical professional. It will necessitate a number of treatments.


It’s a minimally invasive process that uses a thin needle to make tiny punctures in the skin. They cause dark circles to vanish by encouraging skin cells to go into healing mode. The method can be paired with a chemical peel to improve penetration and, as a result, the activity of the following peel. Redness and swelling begin after the procedure and remain for many days.

Discuss your alternatives with your doctor before deciding on any cosmetic operation. Keep in mind that intrusive medical treatments can be costly, uncomfortable, and take a long time to recover from.


In the region of the nasolacrimal sulcus, loose translucent hyaluronic fillers are injected in a thin layer beneath the skin. The filler serves as a barrier, allowing you to lessen the skin’s transparency. Skin smoothing and a brief whitening effect are noted in the infraorbital zone following the injection of fillers containing hyaluronic acid, which draws liquid.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for the Treatments?

The best candidate for the treatment is someone having the following conditions:

  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Pigmentation of the skin around the eyes
  • Age-related changes in the periorbital region
  • Swelling of the periorbital area

What Effects can you Achieve?

The following are the effects of the treatment:

  • Getting rid of dark circles beneath the eyes is a difficult task.
  • Reduced pigmentation of the skin around the eyes
  • Age-related alterations in the periorbital area are eliminated.
  • Puffiness beneath the eyes is reduced.

Tips for Prevention:

It’s worth mentioning that some techniques to help avoid the formation of dark circles and bags under the eyes are:

They were using chilly water to wash. Hot water should be avoided since it exacerbates puffiness. Ice cubes can be used to tone the face and periorbital region. Oil-based make-up removers are recommended since they dissolve cosmetics fast without irritating the skin.

Retinol creams are used. Retinol improves skin smoothness and collagen production. All vitamin A and its derivatives-containing products enhance blood flow to the tissues, increase their density, and make them less visible. Massage should be as gentle as possible during application.

Reduce your intake of alcohol and salty meals. Components that cause facial edema by retaining fluid in the body.

Drink plenty of water. To avoid dehydration, which is one reason for dark circles under the eyes, limit the quantity of water you consume each day.

Normalization of sleep. A total of eight hours of sleep every night, particularly in the reclined position, helps the outflow of fluid from the face and the skin’s overall health.


If you find the first signs of dark circles or bags under your eyes, you should immediately contact a dermatologist and find out the causes of the pathology. If it is aesthetic, you can get rid of it by resorting to one of the above methods shown for your particular case. Do most people ask How to Remove Dark Circles Overnight? The honest answer to this question is that it is impossible to remove dark circles overnight. Every treatment takes time to take effect.