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Having the best-looking teeth is all the confidence you need. People wish to have white-aligned teeth to make their smile worthful. Unfortunately, many people face tooth problems due to multiple factors. The majority are prone to yellow teeth because they do not care for their oral hygiene. They smoke, which is a crucial factor in teeth yellowing. But now, many dental procedures have been developed to solve teeth problems. Pay a visit and learn How to Get Rid of Yellow Teeth in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah if you want a healthy smile. These yellow stains appear mainly on the front teeth, preventing you from enjoying a quality life.

What is Teeth Discoloration?

It is caused by a yellow material that gets deposited on teeth. Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria constantly formed in the eat. It mainly results in a lack of oral hygiene that produces acids after you eat or drink something. This bacteria grows and destroys the tooth enamel and can cause gum disease. The teeth become discolored due to their deposition and appear yellow. It is rendered as discoloration of teeth.

What are the Major Causes of Teeth Yellowing?

Teeth discoloration is a major dental problem. The majority have yellow teeth as they do not care for their oral health. The following are the major causes that cause teeth yellowing in people.

  • Smoking:

It is the leading cause of teeth yellowing. Cigarette smoke contains many harmful chemicals like tobacco and tar that result in dental problems. It causes stains on teeth that result in discoloration of teeth.

  • Poor Oral Hygiene:

Lack of proper care results in various diseases. Not brushing or flossing your teeth can cause the deposition of food particles, bacteria, and acids on teeth, which leads to teeth yellowing. 

  • Aging Factor:

 As you grow older, your teeth become weak and begin to break. Moreover, the protective outer covering of teeth called enamel wears off, speeding up the discoloration process and deposition of yellow material on teeth. 

  • Using Excessive Medicines:

Teeth discoloration is a problem also faced by young children. Excessive use of tetracycline in results in discolored teeth in young ones. Moreover, more usage of antihistamines and medications for blood pressure also results in stained teeth in adults.

  • Stained Drinks and Foods:

Certain foods and drinks result in teeth staining. Drinking too much coffee and tea also develops teeth patches that give an unpleasant lookbook. 

What Do they Imply?

Having yellow teeth is not uncommon in dentistry. The teeth do not change their color frequently. It occurs when the color of the enamel fades and gets yellow from transparent white teeth. This yellow enamel distracts people from your bright smile and gives you an unpleasant look because this staining mainly occurs on the front teeth. 

Ways to Get Rid of Yellow Teeth:

Discolored teeth are not easily reversible. They need proper care and attention to whiten them. There are many ways to get rid of yellow teeth. Some of them are described below.

  • Using Whitening Toothpaste:

There is medically approved whitening toothpaste that helps in teeth whitening. They clean and stave off stains that are present on the teeth. They are made up of special chemicals that assist in wearing off all stain patches.

  • Brush your Teeth Twice a Day:

Make sure that you daily brush your teeth twice a day. Use fluorinated toothpaste that protects your teeth’ enamel and removes all the leftover food particles. 

  • Floss Afterward:

Flossing is an essential part of teeth whitening. You can use floss strips between your teeth and reach the inner recess to clean them thoroughly.

Teeth Whitening Procedure:

This treatment is standard in dentistry. A solution of whitening gel is applied to the teeth for bleaching purposes. Then a beam of laser light or ultraviolet rays is used to promote the bleaching process. Knowing the cause of yellow teeth, your dentist can recommend tips to get rid of stained teeth instantly. As you know, many factors contribute to discolored teeth, so cleaning of teeth is necessary. Professional teeth cleaning is the most effective and instant method to get whitened teeth.

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