How to Get Rid of Freckles Permanently in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Freckles are flat dark spots on the skin that are made of a mass of skin cells containing a brown pigment called melanin. Like pimples, freckles are not raised but are flat dark spots on the skin. Direct exposure of skin to the sun is the main cause of freckles. The areas of the body that have direct exposure to the sun such as arms, neck, face, and shoulders have darker tones than other body areas. External light is the primary stimulus for more melanin production. The collection and overproduction of melanin is the main cause of uneven coloration and skin tan. No one is born with freckles, but often it may also be genetic. Freckles are painless and harmless. The formation of freckles is not an alarming situation and is not a sign of skin cancer or other skin problems. Some people think that they look pretty cute with freckles but some people get frustrated with darker tones and How to Get Rid of Freckles Permanently in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

What is the Cause of Freckles?

Melanocytes are pigment-producing cells in the skin that produce a brown pigment called melanin that causes the darkening of the skin. Human skin is very reactive to external sunlight. Sunlight carries ultraviolet rays reaching the earth and more exposure to these UV rays can cause skin burns on the skin which is also a true form of freckles. Normally, melanin is not evenly distributed under the skin, and subjection to the sun causes uneven skin tone darker than other body parts.

Freckles can be genetic but no one is born with freckles. They are usually triggered by sunlight.

Persons with brighter skin tones are more prone to a large number of freckles. Fair people contain less amount of melanin pigment in their skin and sun exposure causes freckles that represent a focal area of elevated melanin production.

How to Get Rid of Freckles?

There are various treatments for the removal of freckles. Some of them are enlisted below

  • Laser Treatment:

It is one of the best and recommended methods to get rid of these freckles. In this treatment, dermatologists use pulses of intense laser light. The light is precisely targeted over excess melanin pigment without causing damage to the surrounding skin. 

Dermatologists use 532nm laser and YAG laser for the treatment of freckles. This treatment is generally safe.

  •  Cryosurgery:

In Cryosurgery, doctors use extremely cold liquid nitrogen to freeze and destroy pigmented and abnormal skin cells. This is a quick recovery process and the patient is given no anesthesia. Cryosurgery causes scarring and causes blistering and bleeding.

  •  Chemical Peel:

This treatment method uses a chemical solution and removes freckles by shedding the damaged areas of the skin. This peel contains a mixture of glycolic acid and trichloroacetic acid that penetrates through the dermis. Once this freckled skin is removed, new skin is regenerated.

  • Sunscreen:

Sunscreen prevents your skin from sunlight and restricts the formation of more freckles. It does not help you get rid of these existing freckles but saves your skin and blocks the UV rays to reach them. Apply sunscreen before swimming, going out somewhere, and also in winter.

Are There any Side Effects of Freckles?

After freckles are treated the client may experience some redness and warming of the skin. The scab is formed in that particular area which then falls off after days.  

The areas with freckles appear darker after the treatment, but the tan skin gets normal after some days.


  • Avoid exposure to the sun while the area is not healed properly.
  • Do not apply any anti-freckle creams and other harsh vitamin A products.
  • Follow the proper medications prescribed by your doctor.
  • If you see more redness or swelling in that area use cold ice cubes over it to relieve some pain and discomfort.
  • Your doctor may recommend anypost-treatment balms so apply them regularly till recovery.

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