How To Choose The Right Nipple Surgery In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Pregnancy and hormones change a lot inside and outside a woman’s body. From loose and droopy skin to stretch marks in particular. Your self-esteem drops and the feeling of satisfaction about yourself also declines over the period of time. Consequently, women also encounter large or odd nipple shapes and sizes. With too much on your plate, we understand you are bound to feel less likely to be yourself. But we can fix it. Explore; How To Choose The Right Nipple Surgery In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? And read how; Nipple Surgery In Dubai works to instill happy changes in your life again.

What Is Nipple Surgery?

Another terminology to label this treatment could be referred to as; an Inverted or Areola reduction surgery. However, it is a simple plan of action that requires special skills and techniques to help you reach your desired standard aesthetic goals. We will also adjust the breasts with some minor corrections. Or you could have a two-in-one treatment to either reduce or increase them in size. Furthermore, it is a permanent procedure therefore, there can not be a reverse to the alteration.

When It Is Required?

When your milk ducts are too short, due to breastfeeding or other medical complications with growing age can lead to inverted nipples. And during recent years, this problem seems to be increasing over time. Therefore, to address the matter, we are performing this surgery on women who feel conscious about their appearance or feel the need to fix the symmetrical shape. Furthermore, even if you are a mother who is still considering to birth another child, and chooses to breastfeed another infant as well. You can walk in for a consultation and talk to the best surgeon at our clinic. He/She will examine your condition and register you for breast reconstruction.

What Happens Inside The Operating Room?

Below is a general outline to give you a guideline about what to expect during the course of treatment;

  • We require your complete medical record to proceed with the operation. In case of any allergy to the drugs and other medications. Be sure to let us know beforehand.
  • During the process, a numbing lotion is applied on top of the areas under consideration. Or you could choose some anesthetic injections for a more pleasant experience. 
  • Two incisions on each nipple are made separately. It is then adjusted and reconstructed around the base and areolar parts. 
  • Your surgeon will close the incision in the end. Apply some topical medications to prevent any infection.
  • After the surgery, you are shifted to the recovery room. We may keep you under observation for a night or two. Until you are all better to go home.

What Are The Results And Recovery?

The recovery and results are always going to vary from patient to patient. However, to sum up, an average period of recovery time. We are looking at a good two or three days for the stitches to show early signs of healing. And within a week, you are eligible to proceed with your old routine. But in terms of opting for a workout or other exercises, you may want to wait a month or until your Surgeon allows you to do so.

How Will It Benefit Me?

There are many advantages to getting a Nipple Surgery In Dubai. Read and explore the perks in store for you;

  • The downtime to this surgery is very short compared to the other invasive procedures. 
  • Even after fully recovering from the operation, there are no scars or surgery memories left behind on the skin.
  • You have the option to choose between a single nipple surgery or undergoing a collaboration including a lift or breast augmentation.
  • The end result is a natural-looking work of art. It is an upgrade to your aesthetic appearance.
  • As a result, you feel confident about yourself. Even the skin-hugging undergarments will not cause any feeling of subconsciousness in your mind. 
  • Furthermore, the approach is not too expensive either. You can easily afford to undergo this operation.
  • You can go on with your normal routine within a month. And get back to work after a week without any restriction on a special diet or extra precautions to follow afterward.

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