How overweight do you need to be for the Gastric Balloon Dubai & Abu Dhabi

From miraculous transformations of celebrities to ordinary people losing tens of kilograms, bariatric surgery is gaining more and more popularity. The stories of people getting in shape through these surgeries are gaining more and more popularity. But How Overweight Do You Need to Be for Gastric Balloon in Dubai? Certain conditions need to be fulfilled to be an ideal candidate for the treatment.

About Gastric Balloon Treatment:

The Balloon is a soft silicone ball that is inserted into the stomach endoscopically, partially filling it and creating a feeling of fullness and fullness, which facilitates adherence to the nutritional diet used.

The big benefit of using it is that they limit the number of digestible substances, preventing overeating, which helps to stick to the prescribed diet. Over time, there is a change in eating behavior, and adequate dietary habits are formed, which, after weight loss and removal of the intragastric balloon, will help maintain the achieved result.

This technique has been successfully used for a long time, great experience and stability of results make this practice safe, effective, and widespread.

How Overweight Do You Need to Be for Gastric Balloon?

Do people often ask How Overweight You Need to Be for a Gastric Balloon? The use of this treatment is recommended for patients who have undergone various dietary or pharmacological treatments but have not achieved significant weight loss, mainly in cases of moderate obesity and mild forms of overweight and obesity.

The main conditions for the installation of the are:

  • Patients unsuccessfully follow various diets.
  • Ability to understand treatment goals and follow-up measures to achieve them.

According to BMI criteria:

  • Some mild cases of Overweight and Obesity with BMI <30.
  • With moderate obesity with a BMI between 30-35.
  • In some cases of severe obesity with a BMI between 35-40 without comorbidities.
  • For BMI > 40, the recommended treatment is Bariatric Surgery, however, in some cases, at the request of the patient, a non-surgical alternative can be used.
  • The recommended age for inserting the Balloon is between 18 and 65 years of age.


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How Overweight Do You Need to be for the Gastric Balloon in dubai  How Overweight You Need to be for the Gastric Balloon dubai   How Overweight You Need to be for the Gastric Balloon in dubai

How Much Weight Loss Can You Expect?

The loss of excess body weight with this method of treatment can range from 4-5 to several tens of kilograms, and on average, patients lose about a third of their excess body weight.

What is the Duration of Gastric Balloon Treatment?

The recommended residence time of the balloon in the stomach is 4-6 months. The calculation is based on the fact that during this time the patient will develop a habit of limited food intake and may reinforce this stereotypical eating behavior in the future.

What Determines the Result of  Gastric Balloon Treatment?

The patient must begin serious treatment within a few months, limit his diet, review the composition of food consumed, and reduce the percentage of fats and carbohydrates contained in it. Balloon therapy is recommended to be combined with a weight loss program, diet therapy, dosed physical activity, and acupuncture.

The patient, counting only on the fact that the balloon will do everything that is required for him, will get worse results than he will seriously work on himself all this time. In other words, the patient is given a chance – and it depends on him whether he will be able to use it or not.

How to Choose the Best Gastric Balloon Surgeries?

In any weight loss surgery, your body mass index and target weight are important. If your BMI is 35 or higher you may have serious obesity-related health problems. However, the gastric balloon can be used even if the BMI is higher than 25.

Your decision on procedures will be up to you. You should always consult your doctor before making any decisions. The opinion of the doctor is also essential in deciding about these surgeries.


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