How Much Does Morpheous 8 Treatment Cost In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price

Morpheus 8 Treatment:

It is an FDA-approved treatment used for removing excess fat, refining the texture of the skin, and tightening sagging skin to make it look bold, younger, and rejuvenated.  The procedure involves two types of technologies, one is Radio Frequency and second one is Micro Needling. The procedure is made successful through the dermal or subdermal layer of the body. The basic aim of this treatment is to target functional fat coagulation as well as heating of necrotic at a higher range. This is the most effective procedure from any other such treatment with great configuration.

In order to increase collagen formation and lessen wrinkles, microscopic punctures are made in the skin during this procedure using microneedles. Those micro needles penetrate deep into the skin and then emit radiofrequency, which immediately turns into heat. This heat constricts underlying fat and skin tissues as it passes through a specific layer of skin. Dermal layers can be restructured using the heat energy produced by the Morpheus8 treatment. This enhances outlines in regions like the neck, jawline, and chin by reducing skin sagginess and making the treated skin smoother. You can have detailed information about what this treatment is and How Much Does Morpheus 8 Treatment Cost In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah by having a free consultation with us.


The price of every treatment is always shaky as it changes from person to person with multiple varying aspects. Those varying factors are defined completely in the below paragraph whereas in accordance with most of the clinics in Dubai the estimated answer for How Much Does Morpheus 8 Treatment Cost In Dubai & Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 2,499 to AED 3,499.

Factors Affecting the Cost:

The most reasonable factors that can change the cost of your expectation can include:

  • The Clinic:

A Clinic is not just a facility but it is a standard that is recognized by its name, its level, its success rate, the expertise of its doctors, its field of expertise, its level of the treatments, the quality of the products being used there, and many other aspects related to a clinic which a client go through in order to have a better experience theirs with feasible rates. We can even say that a highly recognized clinic has higher rates of the treatments offered by it due to the guaranteed results they offer.

  • Client:

The client is the basic varying element as each person is different from the other by means of everything including the client’s needs, expectations, range to pay, standards, and size of the area to be treated. So the cost is dependent on each and every aspect a client changes from one so for a single treatment some people charge less and some are charged more.

  • Dermatologist:

A specific doctor is assigned by medical science to each field with relevant experience in the treatments done under the umbrella of that field. Such as this treatment is a part of skincare treatments which is the expertise of a dermatologist. So performing this specific treatment with a higher success rate and greater positive results is included in the expertise of a dermatologist whereas highly expert dermatologists usually cost more for their quality time and services.


With the Morpheus8 treatment, you can enjoy the amazing results of a facelift without having to make incisions. It is a quick procedure with excellent outcomes. This treatment has many great advantages, including:

  • Removes acne scars
  • Help fight against the sagging skin and make it tighten
  • Remove the excessive deposited fat from the body or skin
  • Penetrate deep into the skin and cure it from the roots
  • Even tone the color of the skin
  • Help make the skin even and flawless.

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