How Much Does Calf Reduction Surgery Cost In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price

Legs that are slick, graceful, and proportionate are a crucial component of beauty. The existing muscle structure and lubrication are two significant elements affecting the therapy, and the area of the calf requires more experience than the upper leg. Although the bones naturally give the leg a slight concavity, excessive concavity might result in issues like O-legs or braces. Permanent silicone implants or transient fat injections may be used to partially repair O-leg abnormalities in some carefully chosen patients. Contrarily, the X-leg or cross-leg deformity typically involves a problem with the knee joint, and the knees lock together while walking. Orthopedic surgeons may need to perform bone-correcting surgery if it is banging excessively. Want to know How Much Does Calf Reduction Surgery Cost In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah?

Causes of Leg Thickness:

The question of why the leg is thick has two distinct solutions. The genetic component is one of them. In other words, your bodily structure is determined by your family and family history. You may consequently have a problem with leg thickness. Rapid weight gain and reduction is another. There may be fat deposits in the leg area if you are overweight or have a history of fast weight loss that cannot be eliminated by exercise or diet. Surgery may provide a definitive resolution for both. 


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Want a Permanent Solution?

A thick calf can provide two main issues. The muscle is too big, to start. Injections of Bonta-A offer transient thinning in these patients. Surgery to cut and burn the muscle’s nerve or to eliminate half of the muscle have both been described as ways to make this more permanent. The soleus muscle underneath swells again due to the full strain, thus even if it could appear a bit more practical to paralyze the muscle by cutting the nerve, the results of procedures based on muscle extraction may not be particularly desirable. It’s also possible that the procedure has a negative impact on how your feet function. Again, limited liposuction techniques can be used to treat thick ankles. This surgery is dangerous, though, because the ankle is a location where the nerves and blood vessels that travel to the foot pass. Treatment with a silicone implant is the primary permanent solution for a thin calf. A medical silicone shell on the outside and a non-deformable silicone gel within makeup oval-shaped silicone implants. Depending on whether the condition affects one leg, as in polio, or both legs, as in congenital structural issues, several treatment strategies for silicone implants are used.

What is the Age Limit?

There is no maximum age. As long as the anesthesia and the patient’s body permit, anyone of any age can have surgery. Legal requirements set the minimum age requirement. In other words, anyone who is 18 years old and older can voluntarily undergo surgery. In addition, I want you to be aware that our patients between the ages of 15 and 18 may undergo this procedure with parental approval.

Does Surgery Leave a Scar?

Some of the patients we treat have white skin, while others have a darker complexion. In terms of scars, a darker skin tone will be more advantageous. The surgical scar might initially be a little more noticeable in ladies with white skin.


Get to know How Much Does Calf Reduction Surgery Cost In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah?  Calf-reduction treatment typically costs between AED 2,000 and AED 5,000. The cost of the surgery is influenced by the hospital that is selected for the procedure. These standards are established based on the patient’s request. However, calf reduction liposuction is more expensive than Botox and cool sculpting.

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