How Much Does Mammogram Costs in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price

Using specialized X-ray equipment, mammography is a diagnostic process for determining the health of the mammary glands (mammography). It has a lot of information and can spot alterations in the earliest phases of development. The most popular, reliable, and efficient method of evaluating breast health today is mammography. The use of reputable, certified equipment and a qualified physician who reviews the results are both necessary for the results of the mammary gland examination to be reliable.

If necessary, you should get a screening mammography every year since it can help you find cancer in its earliest and most treatable stages. For instance, mammography enables you to discover aberrant tissue development two years prior to the doctor, or you can palpate for such changes (hands). So, do you want to know How Much Does Mammogram Costs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah?

Why is a Mammogram Needed?

First and foremost, mammography is used to find neoplasms in the mammary gland and determine if they are benign or malignant. With the assistance of the studies described here, you can learn:

  • Cysts—tumors that typically have fluid inside and are benign;
  • Fibroadenomas, benign neoplasms that have a propensity for rapid growth and should be removed;
  • Calcifications are calcium salt build-ups that are difficult to palpate but can be extremely uncomfortable;
  • Different types of malignant tumors are more carefully treated in the early stages since they constitute a threat to life as well as health;
  • Fibrocystic mastopathy is treated swiftly and conservatively and develops in the context of hormonal problems.


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The 7th to 14th day of the menstrual cycle, when the breast is least uncomfortable, is when the examination is done.

Applying deodorants, creams, or powder to the skin over the axillary and mammary glands on the examination day is not advised.

Mammography for menopausal women can be done whenever it is most convenient for them.

How Is the Procedure Performed?

There is no specific preoperative preparation needed. The patient must take off all clothing above the waist before laying the mammary gland on a specific surface. The iron is fastened with the aid of an additional bar, and then images are captured in two projections. A collection of images enables the most thorough evaluation of the gland’s anatomy and structure as well as the precise detection of abnormal alterations (even tumors of small sizes).

Cost of Mammogram:

How Much Does a Mammogram Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi? anything from AED 99 and AED 599. The price varies according to your location and the clinic you go to. The most reasonable prices are provided at Enfield Royal Clinic and are assessed during the free initial consultation.

Factors Defining Cost:

Clinic Level:

The level of the clinic, which is made up of its standards, it’s standards for doctors, the quality of the equipment used there, international certification, and many other common things, speaks about the cost provided by the clinic, whereas the reputation defines its success rate against its failure in all of the treatments they offer.

Doctors Expertise:

Since more talented cosmetic surgeons often have better methods for handling a single surgery, the level of competence a cosmetic surgeon exhibits in this particular treatment has a substantial impact on the cost.

Patient’s State of Health:

The condition of the client, or as we like to say, the size of the area to be treated, is also very important since it tells you how much work will be needed to achieve the precise results you are aiming for.

Is the Procedure Dangerous?

The approach described involves substantially less radiation exposure than fluorography as a whole. Mammography is a risk-free and non-harmful method of testing. The growing rate of tumors is unaffected by the routine passage of the process, and no further difficulties are brought on. Mammograms can be performed frequently without posing a health risk.

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Do not hesitate to contact a doctor if you ever have any discomfort or tenderness in your breasts. This could be an early warning sign that you need to get medical attention before your conditions worsen. Our team of skilled breast surgeons at the Enfield Royal Breast Clinic in Dubai receives high praise from the locals for their ardent pursuit of this subject. After knowing How Much Does a Mammogram Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? You can visit us anytime.