How Many Teeth Are Removed For Braces in Dubai & Abu Dhabi - Cost

Everyone adores a confident smile. But not everyone feels confident while smiling with comfort. The most common reason according to a survey is unevenness of the teeth. Some even accepted the fact that unalignment of the teeth makes you feel less self-assured about one’s appearance. However, everything is possible today. Anyone can easily get their teeth straightened with the help of Dental Braces in Dubai. If you or your loved one is willing to improve their crooked teeth. Discover; How Many Teeth Are Removed For Braces? Or visit us today and meet our experts to guide you through the most suitable procedure just for you.

What Is The Importance Of Braces?

Braces are dental treatments that are approached to correct the biting and aligning of unparallel teeth. This Orthodontic procedure can correct all your over-biting and under-biting issues. Similarly, any crowding at your upper or lower front can also be adjusted to improve your oral health and modify the beauty of your sumptuous smile.

Does It Require Teeth Removal For Adjustments?

Our board-certified Orthodontists are highly skilled professionals who are well-experienced when it comes to re-positioning even the complex of uneven teeth without extracting a single one out. However, very rarely, wisdom teeth can get in the way. Therefore, a single tooth from a congested area may require teeth removal in order to allow space for the other teeth to form an alignment. However, this procedure needs complete healing because braces can be installed to boost your dental health.

What Is The Best Age For Dental Braces?

Anyone can opt for braces regardless of their age. There are suitable options to choose from when you wish to improve your overall dental health and esthetic smile. However, the ideal age to mold the teeth to perfection is from the age of 9 to 14 and onwards. But thanks to advanced technology and innovative approaches, even complicated or extremely crooked teeth can be effortlessly aligned for good.

How Are They Installed Inside The Mouth?

You must opt for a consultation. Your Dentist will examine your unalignment situation and introduce you to the best and most effective method possible to align the teeth. Below is a brief outline of performing the procedure;

  • First things first, your mouth is deep cleansed to clear out all the food particles or bacteria from dark and tight spaces.
  • The brackets are attached to each tooth using a special dental glue to stay put for a required period of time. 
  • The wires are inserted all across the installations and tightened together to make an impact on the teeth.
  • You may feel uncomfortable in the beginning, but as time passes by, you shall adjust with the adjustments.
  • Similarly, the teeth will move together in due time. As the new changes reveal signs of improvement, the wires are going to get tighter.
  • It may take a year or two to straighten up all your teeth. The duration depends on the unevenness of the teeth. Therefore, you must be very patient with your journey.
  • The progress is monitored from time to time. Your dentist will provide you with aftercare and other dental tools to practice your oral hygiene.
  • After reaching the desired aesthetic goals, a retainer is provided to you for the maintenance of the newly positioned teeth. This will lock the changes in place for a lifetime. 

What Are The Long-Term Results?

There are countless benefits to Dental Braces in Dubai. Read about the beneficial outcomes for a lifetime;

  • It will lower the risks of tooth decay for you and increase your overall oral health in particular.
  • Candidates will get rid of many gum diseases due to the incredible repositioning of their teeth. This will allow you to thoroughly brush your teeth without missing any spots.
  • Even flossing becomes easier after perfectly straightened teeth with zero gaps and spaces in between.
  • All your overbite and underbite issues will be resolved forever. This will also enhance your jawline and add a charming effect to your face.
  • You can smile with confidence, this will boost your confidence and help to excel in your personal and professional life as well.
  • Similarly, the young ones will grow to a perfect smile even during their teens era. This shall aid in their self-esteem and promote self-confidence in each individual.

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