How Long is the Hollywood Smile Procedure in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Do you want to get a perfect smile? Celebrities and stars walking on the red carpet are greatly attractive to every individual.  Their beautiful smiles are a great source of charm and obsession for every layman. Smiling adds beauty to your personality. Hollywood stars also opt for many dental cosmetic treatments to make their smile worthful. They all go for the Hollywood Smile procedure and make their career shinier with the help of Hollywood Smile. A good smile is evidence of your good mental and physical health. Perfect-aligned radiant teeth make your smile good and are considered a great blessing. People wonder How long is the Hollywood Smile Procedure in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. You can visit our clinic and get detailed information.

What is it?

It is a dental procedure that is done to improve all the issues and treat all the problems related to teeth. This procedure is done to improve your smile and make it more aesthetic. Dental veneers are used to hide dental problems such as misalignment, chipping, chewing problems, and teeth discoloration. It has been done in the past time and many celebrities opt for this procedure too. At that time they were not as efficient and popular but with time many celebrities began to support them. The results of this dental procedure are very effective and long-lasting. Moreover, it gives a natural look to your teeth and makes your smile perfect.


The dental veneers that are entered into your teeth involve pain and discomfort. So dentists invest their full attention and time to take your mouth impressions. The technologies such as CAD/CAM help you to get a precise and accurate fit for your set of veneers. This small device is inserted with a camera that gives a clear picture on the computer screen. 

The camera takes a picture from the inside of an oral cavity. Once the design is installed with software it immediately prints out the ideal design of veneers. This technology only works with ceramic veneers. If you’re facing many oral and dental issues then it is a better option for you to get a Hollywood smile. It is a fruitful procedure and veneers mimic the appearance of your natural teeth. 


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Your healthcare provider will give you some precautionary measures. Following are some aftercare measures 

  • Brush your teeth frequently, especially after eating sugary food. 
  • Avoid smoking as it leads to discoloration of teeth. 
  • Do not eat food rich in carbohydrates. 
  • Do not eat hard sticky things that can lead to tooth infection. 
  • Rinse your mouth daily with warm saline water.
  • Make sure that your veneers do not break.
  • Take care of them as your original natural teeth.


‘There are many benefits of the Hollywood smile procedure. It is versatile and opted for by famous celebrities due to its effective results. Some of them are given below

  • You will get perfectly aligned teeth.
  • There will no gap between the teeth. 
  • You can protect your teeth by using dental veneers.
  • It is the most affordable procedure of all.
  • It involves minimal or no pain and discomfort. 
  • You can give potential to your smile.
  • It improves your oral health and also makes you physically fit. 
  • Get whiter and brighter smiles with beautiful teeth.

How Long does it Last?

The dental veneers are not permanent for your teeth. They can last up to 10-15 years but there are chances of chipping. If they break or get chipped you should see your dentist to keep your natural teeth protected.

How Long does it take to Complete the Procedure?

This procedure requires multiple sessions so it is completed in a couple of weeks. It also depends upon the extent of damage to the teeth. You will need approximately 2-3 visits to the dental clinic. 

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