How Long Does Scarless Breast Augmentation Last in Dubai Cost

Do you feel uncomfortable from the sagging skin around your underarm and breast? Women with short breasts want to enhance their breast size and enhance their overall appearance. They look for scarless and less painful surgery for increasing their breast size. Breast augmentation is the best alternative to all breast-lifting procedures. It is done without any risk of scars on the chest area.

Women can boost their self-confidence by getting rid of sagging skin without any scalpels. If you aim to increase breast size and know How Long Does Scarless Breast Augmentation Last in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. you can consult our healthcare provider and come to know about it.

What is Breast Augmentation?

It is the surgery that is done to increase the size of the breast. Those women who have small breasts and want to enhance their breasts opt for this surgery. It is also known as mammoplasty. This procedure is done to lift the breast and reshape them according to their physique. It gives proper shape to the breast and tightens all the sagged skin under the area of the arms and breast.

How is it Done?

It is a surgical procedure that is done under local anesthesia to avoid any pain or discomfort. Then the doctor will make incisions around certain body areas such as under your arms, beneath the chest, or around the crease line. Cuts are made where they can not be easily visualized. 

This surgery is actually done to increase the size of breasts and give them proper shape. An implant is made that is inserted under the breast. The doctor will apply a cut and remove the extra muscles and tissue around the breast. A small pocket is created that can easily withhold that implant. Then the implant is inserted into that pocket under the nipples. 

Different types of implants are used such as saline or silicon. Saline implants are dry and filled with saline water to keep them in place. This gives the whole fuller appearance of the chest and gives them proper shape. Then the area is enclosed by stitches after the installation of the implant. The stitches are applied to the area that is not apparently visible on the chest.


This surgery is very beneficial for women. It involves numerous benefits such as

  • It improves the overall physical appearance giving you a perfect body shape.
  • It enhances the size of breasts and gives volume to small breasts. 
  • It corrects uneven breasts caused due to breastfeeding.
  • It helps to improve your self-confidence and esteem.
  • This procedure is scarless and no scars are visible at that site.
  • It involves less agony and causes no disruption of mammary glands. 
  • All the tissues and glands do not suffer and function properly.

What to Expect:

You can expect swelling and tenderness around your breast area but that will subside within a couple of days. Bruising will not occur after surgery. It is advised to wear compression bandages over the implants to accelerate the healing process. These bandages will keep your breast in place. All the scars will lighten and it is also possible that you have no scarring at all. 

Results and Recovery?

The healing of breast surgery is a slow and gradual process. It will take but you will feel stronger with each passing day. At the start, you will feel feeble and may also feel pain. But all the side effects will minimize with time and heal completely. You need to take rest and will get noticeable results.

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Are the Results Permanent?

The results of breast augmentation last for years. These results can be permanent if you take proper care and also depends upon the type of implants used under the breast. It typically lasts for about 10-15 years after augmentation. The time period can increase depending on the type of implant used. 


This surgical procedure requires great care after it. Your surgeon will give you certain aftercare measures to ensure good results such as

  • You must take rest and avoid lifting heavy weights.
  • You should take care of your stitches and clean them properly. 
  • It is advised to take a good healthy diet to promote the healing process. 
  • Take some iron or vitamin to fulfill all nutritional deficiencies. 
  • Apply healing cream to fade the appearance of scars.
  • Wear loose clothes that are comfortable.

Why Choose Us?

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