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It’s simpler to accept some side effects of aging naturally than others. It can be difficult to accept the loss of a good sex life, but graying hair and sagging skin are one thing. Fortunately, there are several sexual health therapies available to men today that are much more efficient than tried-and-true medications like Viagra. At Royal Clinic, we are aware that for men with ED or other sexual health issues, the P Shot (Priapus shot) can be a fantastic solution. Read more to know How Long Does P-Shot Take to Work in Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

What is P-shot and What Does it Do?

An injection is given into the penis during P-shot surgery to enhance the function of the refreshing sensitivity. The procedure is known as “p-shot” or “Priapus shot.” We use this cutting-edge method of platelet-rich plasma therapy on our patients. to increase the penis’s length and diameter. Enhances erection and sexual performance, or the issue of penis erectile eradication, and is also used to treat Peronei’s illness.

How Do You Prepare for the Procedure?

There is no special preparation required for this process. If you haven’t done so within the past year, you might wish to have a physical or a full panel of laboratory blood tests to assess your general health. It is essential to have healthy platelets, plasma, and blood.

Every other male between the ages of 35 and 65 experiences erectile dysfunction or other sexual issues. P-shot is intended to assist these individuals. Any man who wishes to improve his sex life, increase sexual activity, or grow his penis would profit from this treatment.

What to Expect During P-shot Procedure?

It’s vital to remember that the therapy itself only lasts two to three minutes and that the complete procedure, from platelet extraction to injection, takes less than 15 minutes. Although some people decide to take the day off of work to allow enough time for the process, the P-Shot is an outpatient, in-office procedure that only takes a few minutes and allows you to resume everyday activities nearly immediately after.

When you arrive at Harmony Healing, you’ll be shown to a cozy, private procedure room where you’ll be told to lie down. Before starting the process, your healthcare provider will administer a numbing lotion or ointment to the genital area and wait for it to take effect for your utmost comfort. As this takes action, a quick blood test will be performed, usually from your arm or another painless location.

To enable platelet extraction, the blood sample will be put into a test tube and spun in a centrifuge. Following the removal of platelets and plasma from the blood, the platelets are given a calcium gluconate solution to activate their innate ability to mend. Then, the solution is put into syringes for injection. Only a half-inch, 30-gauge needle is used to provide the injections at five different locations along the shaft of the penis. The injections only take a few minutes, and the majority of patients can go home an hour or less after the operation.

What to Expect during Recovery?

Recovery occurs rapidly. On the same day or the following, you should be able to return to your regular activities, such as work or school.

For a few days following the procedure, refrain from having sexual activity to prevent contamination of the injection sites. For a few days, try to avoid engaging in strenuous physical activity to prevent irritation from sweating or chafing.

How Long Does It Take to Work?

Now to answer the main question How Long Does P-shot Take to Work Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

Although everyone responds to the P Shot at a different rate, there are undoubtedly early and normal responders who can benefit from the treatment’s effects before others. For instance, in certain early responders, the effects of this P Shot treatment might be felt as soon as 24 hours after administration. On the other hand, those who respond normally will start to see benefits after a few weeks, often 4 to 8 weeks following the initial therapy.

How Long Do Results Last?

The fact that the effects of this treatment can endure for up to 12 months at a time is one of its most fascinating features. If they maintain a healthy lifestyle and respond favorably to the treatment, many men can benefit from the effects of this procedure for more than 18 months. This treatment is ultimately more economical for many guys because of how long it lasts.

Additional Benefits of P-shot:

In addition to increased strength and size, the P-Short offers several noteworthy advantages, such as:

  • Enhancements to orgasm
  • Shorter intervals between erections
  • Increase in sexual endurance
  • Increased self-assurance
  • Elimination of erection-related pain.

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