How Long Does Otoplasty Surgery Take in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

You may experience self-consciousness if your ears stick out too far from the sides of your head. Your emotional health may suffer if you experience a long-term loss of self-confidence. You can put too much thought into keeping your ears hidden behind caps or other haircuts. You are not allowed to pose for pictures with your grandparents or friends that you might regret not taking in the future. You don’t have to put up with oversized or projecting ears just because you were born with them. Keep on reading to learn How Long Otoplasty Surgery Takes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

What Can be Treated with Otoplasty?

Large or Prominent Ears:

This is by far the most typical cause for otoplasty surgery requests. Large and protruding ears frequently go together, and those who have them may feel self-conscious about them. For a more proportionate appearance, otoplasty can shrink the size of the ears and pull them inward toward the head.

Exceptionally Big or Split Earlobes:

Earlobes can start big or they can get smaller over time, even splitting as a result of getting older or wearing heavy earrings for a long time. The earlobes can be repaired, resized, and reshaped with a straightforward procedure to give them a tighter, more proportionate, and normal appearance.

Ear Lop:

Ears that tilt forward and fold over at the top are known as “lop ear” deformities. Although this deformity does not affect hearing, it can be embarrassing. The ear cartilage can be reshaped with otoplasty, which can also take care of any other aesthetic issues that might come along with the lop ear deformity.

Candidates for Otoplasty:

Candidates for the surgery should have large or protruding ears or another cosmetic defect that makes them feel self-conscious or embarrassed. Candidates for otoplasty should be in generally good health and have reasonable expectations going into the procedure. Following the procedure, there will be a recovery period, and patients will need to use that time to focus on recuperating appropriately.

Otoplasty Technique:

The incision is the initial stage of an otoplasty. These discreet incisions are made by our experienced cosmetic surgeons behind the ear to avoid unpleasant visible scars. Following the creation of this incision, cartilage will be taken out and repositioned to either reshape or pull the ears closer to the head. Before placing sutures, the skin will be pulled taut to cover the altered ear shape. Then, a head cover is put in place to safeguard the ears.

How Much Time Does Otoplasty Need?

How Long Does Otoplasty Surgery Take in Dubai & Abu Dhabi? It usually takes one to two hours to do cosmetic ear surgery. It can be done patiently and under local or general anesthesia on adults. Earlobe repair, on the other hand, can frequently be carried out under local anesthetic and may be quicker than a complete otoplasty.

However, we can’t tell you for sure how long your surgery will take until we’ve gone over all of your cosmetic objectives and looked into your worries. How long your operation will take depends on several factors, including the extent of your concerns and the approach used.

Otoplasty Healing:

Patients must keep the head wrap in place after surgery until the doctor removes it. To assist protect the ears as they heal, patients are typically instructed to wear a headband for a few weeks after the initial wrap is removed. Patients can typically resume work and other regular activities one to two weeks after surgery. During the healing process, some discomfort is to be expected; however, medication will be administered to help manage pain. Patients will be given comprehensive post-operative care instructions, which should be adhered to as closely as possible. Exercise and heavy lifting need to be put off until it is safe to engage in strenuous activity.

How Much Time Will My Procedure’s Results Last?

The results of your ear pinning should last a lifetime. However, there is a minuscule possibility that you will ever require follow-up surgery. Your cartilage’s position and form won’t alter, and neither will the size of your ears. You might, however, notice skin sagging decades after your treatment. This is so because collagen is present in your skin, including the skin of your ears.

Why Pick Us?

You’ll genuinely adore your appearance. The treatment will appear natural because of our surgeon’s artistic ability, and the minor scars behind the ear can be easily concealed. Even for major issues like an extremely huge ear, an ear that is formed strangely, or an ear that protrudes entirely, patients get wonderful feedback from him about ear reshaping surgery. Enfield Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is providing the best services. Book a free consultation and learn How Long Does Otoplasty Surgery Take in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah?