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Smiling is the first feature that everyone notices in your first encounter. The way you smile and how your smile looks directly depicts your overall life. Having a good smile is a blessing and a smiling face has a good impact on others. There is no doubt that the procedures like Hollywood smile have become versatile worldwide. Celebrities have a deep link with cosmetic dentistry procedures to attain an attractive smile. 

Hollywood smiles can be considered the biggest reason why we are obsessed with the big stars that walk on the red carpet. It is evident that this dental procedure for gaining a Hollywood smile makes them look more attractive and an ideal smile makes your career a success. A good smile also implies your mental and physical health. Proper align radiant teeth make your smile good and are considered a great blessing. Many people opt for this procedure and wanted to know How Long does Hollywood Smile Take so visit our clinic and see our expert cosmetic surgeons.

What is a Hollywood Smile?

It is a cosmetic dental procedure that is done to improve all the flaws and solve all the problems related to teeth. It corrects all the aesthetic issues related to your smile. Dental veneers are used to hide dental problems such as misalignment, chipping, chewing problems, and teeth discoloration. A lot of people assume that the Hollywood smile has become popular in our generation but the reality is something else. These dental veneers started in the early ninety’s. At that time they were not as efficient and popular but with time many celebrities began to support them. The results of this dental procedure are very effective and long-lasting. Moreover, it gives natural look to your teeth and makes your smile perfect.

How to Take Access to the Procedure?

Firstly the flaws in the front teeth will be hidden by veneers. Veneers are thin transparent shells that have structural similarities to your front teeth except they are flawless and perfect. They are placed above the teeth and cover all the mishaps and misalignments. 

Then the layer of enamel on the front side of the teeth is worn off which creates an empty room for the placement of veneers. Then the veneers are stuck to the teeth with help of glue that gives outer protection to the teeth.

These veneers that are to be placed are made artificially after taking the impression of your mouth. Our team of dentists takes exact measures and forms veneers that perfectly align your teeth. 

Before commencing this procedure deep examination of the oral cavity is done to see if the candidate is not suffering from any infection or cavities in the teeth.

What is the Procedure for a Hollywood Smile?

Ensure that the veneers that are installed on your teeth do not cause pain and discomfort. So dental teams invest their full attention and time to take your mouth impressions. 

Certain technologies such as CAD/CAM help you to get a precise and accurate fit for your set of veneers. This technology is installed with a small camera that is connected to a computer or LED screen.

This camera takes pictures from inside and outside the oral cavity. The software takes input and uses an ideal design to make veneers.

Once the design is installed with software it immediately prints out the ideal design of veneers. This technology only works with ceramic veneers. 

If you’re facing many oral and dental issues then it is a better option for you to get a Hollywood smile. It is a fruitful procedure and your veneers resemble your naturally align teeth.


Hollywood smile demands proper care after the treatment. Precautionary measures that should be taken to avoid any later complications are as follows

  • Maintain good oral hygiene and ensure take a good and healthy diet.
  • Brush and floss your teeth regularly twice a day.1
  • Do not eat hard chewy food that gets stuck in the teeth as it can lead to inflammation and pain.
  • Avoid eating stain-rich foods and drinks.

Why Choose Us?

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced health experts that perform this cosmetic dental procedure. Our Enfield Royal Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic is highly reputable and is popular among all clinics. Visit us and come to know How Long does Hollywood Smile Take and give your smile a boost of charm and attractiveness.

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