How Long Does Dental Implant Treatment Take in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Dental Issues are very common these days due to ill diet and bad oral dental health. People who get cavities went to opt for filling or for a root canal but when the problem gets out of hand and reaches a higher level is Dental Implant that involves the removal of the previously decayed tooth and replacing it with a new one which is exactly the same as the previous in shape and working as well. To opt for this treatment people often ask about How Long Does Dental Implant Treatment Take in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah and how much it costs in Dubai. As well as if there are any discounts on fees and insurance structures provided by the organization. So to all those here comes the most relevant answers.

What is Dental Implant?

A simple medical answer that offers a tooth-loss problem with a natural-looking resolution is dental implants. Dental implants, which are made up of a titanium root and a ceramic crown, allow you to speak, eat, and smile normally. Before the ultimate outcome is accomplished, having a dental implant fitted entails several crucial steps, which we have explained to you below.

How Long Does it Take in accordance with the Procedure?

The procedure of a Dental implant is subdivided into multiple steps and each has its own duration. Following are the time taking events:

  • Consultation:

The period of consultation is not a verbal communication in knowing about the client’s pain and condition but it is a detailed session of understanding the client’s tooth condition, an inspection of the whole mouth, and briefing the client about how he will be treated, how much cost it will take, and how much time will be consumed on the overall procedure. The consultation usually took 20 minutes to an hour.

  • Tooth  Extraction:

On the day of the procedure after consultation, the dentist took 15-20 minutes to take out the damaged tooth. Which includes the numbing of the area first with local anesthesia and then taking out the tooth carefully after that the area is made clean and wrapped completely to let it get healed

  • Healing:

The healing procedure takes more than a month or sometimes it takes 3 months because the doctors usually wait for the area to be cleared of all the decay and tooth infections due to which the previous one is removed. The procedure makes the jaw bone heal and becomes stronger.

  • Bone Graft:

This is the procedure that is an option for many but not done for everyone. This procedure is done when the extraction of the tooth have done so long before and the bone get deteriorates from that spot. This procedure involves the regrowth of the jaw bone by adding a bone piece to it. The procedure usually tooth 3 to 4 hours.

  • Implant Placement:

Your surgery site and the surrounding area are completely numb. Then the gums are incised in a very little way. Then the dentist put the titanium post inside your jawbone. To assure a successful installation, an x-ray is done. At last, the implant is covered with a healing cap. This procedure took 1-2 hours to complete effectively.

  • Recovering:

After the successful implant the tooth is left to settle down completely. This procedure of healing took almost 3-6 months for recovery and for the settlement of the grafted bone.

  • Crown Placement:

At last, a perfectly shaped crown is placed over the implant in place of the missing tooth and scaled exactly according to your needed tooth shape in the mouth in order to have the exact same tooth that was needed. The crown is fitted on the implant with the help of an abutment. The whole procedure gear in an hour to be completed.


This is a long-duration procedure that took multiple months to be completed so the cost varies from person to person because every patient has a different need for the dental implant so when people ask How Long Does Dental Implant Treatment Take they really mean to evaluate their time and cost. Every clinic has a different standard for performing a procedure so the time taken by every clinic is also different with respect to its quality of work, expert dentists, and trained staff. It is compulsory to have a consultation prior to the treatment in order to have a roundabout idea of what different clinic cost for the complete procedure of a Dental Implant as well do they have any financial plan or insurance. You can get a free consultation with us anytime you want to get yourself treated for Dental Implant in Dubai.

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