How Long Does A Root Canal Last In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Having a root canal is a safe procedure and saves millions of people from other dental issues every day. Different types of bacteria which take place in the infected tooth in the mouth are eliminated by the method. This method protects someone’s teeth from the need of being removed. It is done by cleaning, making shapes, and disinfecting the pulp or enamel. Thus, this painless and safe procedure is a perfect way of setting your teeth and protecting them. Also, the process is in practice for a time. Are you questioning the same How Long Does A Root Canal Last In Dubai & Abu Dhabi? Then read the blog present below!

What is a Root Canal?

Root canal treatment is a process that helps in protecting the teeth by removing infectious bacteria. The treatment is not painful. Also, it helps in eliminating the pain which was due to that infected tooth. Without a root canal, the teeth are at risk of removing. The time period for which the treatment effects last is long and sometimes for a lifetime. Endodontists can treat you with different teeth disorders by this method. 

How Long Does A Root Canal Last In Dubai?

Sometimes, the teeth of a patient become infected and inflamed putting other teeth at risk of infection too. These problems are treated by the root canal after a visit to a clinic. First, the diagnosis of the problem takes place. The reason for the problem can be any unhygienic dental routines, injuries, or infectious bacteria. The time period for which the root canal remains there depends on the skills of the doctor who carried out the process. Also, the care that a patient does determines the lifetime of the procedure. 

If we talk generally about the impact of this procedure it can last for years as well as for a lifetime. After this treatment, a patient will require to retreat the teeth. Till then the root canal functions properly. Most of the time, the procedure treats the infected teeth for more than a decade. This is the most effective and enduring treatment. 

Benefits of Root Canal:

There are a lot of benefits to this effective treatment. These are as follows:

  • Chewing of the patient gets enhanced
  • Biting becomes normal and the patient gets relief from the pain
  • No infections
  • Damage to the jawbone does not occur
  • The overall appearance of the mouth improves
  • Excessive strain and wear on the teeth get restricted
  • Better quality of life
  • Prevents pimples on the gums

Why Root Canal Procedure Does not Succeed?

A root canal is a success almost every time. But sometimes the process gets fails due to some complications or other issues. These factors that cause the failure of the process are:

  • When the patient does not take good care of the hygiene
  • In the case of children and teens because they ignore cleaning habits
  • Sometimes a tooth that is to be treated contains more than one root. These roots when  get ignored by the doctor may develop the infection in them too
  • In some cases, the seal of the tooth may get break and the bacteria invade the tooth. A situation like this happens rarely but does happen. 

Side Effects:

When the treatment is done there are some side effects that can happen. These are 

  • Severe pain
  • Swelling in the teeth
  • Allergic reactions

All these effects can be treated within some days.

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