How Long Do Teeth Survive After A Root Canal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Dental treatment is always worth the shot. If you are somebody who has undergone the treatment or are you considering opting for a Root Canal In Dubai. Read and learn more in-depth information about; How Long Do Teeth Survive After A Root Canal in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? And seek an expert’s help to vanish your pain away.

Why Do You Need A Root Canal?

This treatment works as a law and order inside the corrupted nerves. What happens is; bacteria or built-up from food is stuck deep inside the tightest spaces of your gums. This creates problems over time. The toxins latch themselves on the protection wall of the teeth. And make its way into the pulp chamber by eating up a healthy tooth. This causes sensitivity and major discomfort for the patient. Hence, the infection takes over and promotes other problematic troubles like bleeding and recession of gums. And before you know it, an entire tooth is affected by a cavity and is on the verge to fall off. To reverse the damage, a Dentist will recommend Root Canal to you.

What Is A Root Canal?

This is the deep cleansing of the tooth. What happens is; the expert will invade the weak tooth. And make an entrance from the topmost crown area. And insert a few antibiotic medicaments to clear the bacteria. Additionally, the dug hole is filled and sealed packed to prevent a future attack on it. And the expert makes sure of it by placing a pre-designed cap to place on top of it. 


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Can The Teeth Survive After The Treatment?

The treatment is designed to prolong the life of the newly restored tooth. The goal is to keep all the teeth safe and strong. Unlike the old times, you can not be irresponsible with your teeth now. You are advised to maintain good oral hygiene. Brush twice a day and floss after every meal. A quick rinse of mouthwash is also ideal to keep all the bacteria out of your mouth. Hence, taking care of your teeth will allow the new changes to last for a longer period of time.

What Is The Procedure?

Below is a step-by-step guide to enlighten you about the course of action;

  • The Dentist will examine the condition of your mouth. And wash it off thoroughly to remove all the toxins away.
  • He/She will place a dental plastic sheet known as; Rubber Dam on top.
  • Only the affected tooth is highlighted to operate one after the other. If in case of two root canals are to be performed in one sitting. 
  • The expert will inject a few numbing injections into the gums. This will put all the active nerves to sleep. Therefore, you will not feel any pain throughout your session.
  • The next step is to use a dental drill to make an opening in the sick tooth. This is done on the rooftop of the tooth.
  • The bacteria is extracted from within. And medicated fluids are inserted to disinfect it entirely.
  • In the end, the tooth is filled and completely sealed. Furthermore, a custom-made crown is placed on top. This will safeguard the treated tooth for many years to come. 
  • And finally, you are scheduled for a check-up appointment. And sent home with a few safety precautions to heal smoothly.

What Are The Benefits?

There are countless benefits to Root Canal In Dubai. Read to learn more about the happy facts;

  • It improves your eating habits. You feel comfortable chewing and biting on food.
  • Even hot and cold drinks will not bother you anymore. 
  • It has the power to improve your overall health. Hence, it is an upgrade in the quality of your life.
  • There is no need to fear any tooth falling or getting pulled off because of the cavity. Your tooth is rescued by your Dentist.
  • Successful treatment will instill permanent comfort in your life. No more pain or sleepless nights.
  • The infection and bleeding are gone for good. You can brush your teeth frequently and with ease now.
  • No bad smell is causing you any embarrassment. Your breath feels fresh. And you will know it too because no one is avoiding talking to you anymore. 
  • You are saving money on extra-oral hygiene products. The only thing left for you to do is brush regularly and floss to sustain the maintenance.
  • And finally, this is a boost to your self-confidence. You are performing better at work as well.

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