How Long do Scars from Breast Augmentation Last in Dubai Cost

For most women, the size and appearance of breasts play an important role in their self-confidence. The size of breasts can be affected by multiple reasons such as age, and genetics and it has also been reduced due to breastfeeding. To increase the size of breasts various surgeries are performed and the most common of all is breast augmentation.

Any surgical procedure chosen involves incisions and cuts.

Breast augmentation also leaves scars after the procedure and patients are, mostly concerned about how these scars look on their breasts. Although scars are viable after augmentation the results are also highly noticeable. Most people have questions in their mind about how long scars from breast augmentation last so visit us and come to know about the detailed information.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast enlargement surgery is another name for breast augmentation. This is a surgical procedure done to increase the size of the breast. Small incisions are made in the breast in the form of [pockets. Then the breast implants are placed beneath the breast tissue and muscle. The incisions can leave visible scars but expert surgeons make the incisions at the less noticeable places such as in the armpit or under your breast. In this way, the breast enlargement scarring is minimal and barely viable. Moreover, there are some other measures also that reduce the appearance of scars.

Where are Scars Located in Breast Augmentation?

Plastic surgeons perform this surgery in such a way that the scars formed as a result of the incision are less noticeable. He will strategically place your incisions in the right place near the natural contour areas that will make them less apparent. The incisions are mostly made at the crease of your armpit and under the breast area. An experienced surgeon will maintain the accuracy between the incision pattern that will ensure good implant placement and scar healing process. 

How will my Scars Look?

Though your scars will be less viable and appear as small incisions they will take more time to recover. As you are close to recovery the appearance of breast scars will change. At one time they feel more painful and apparently worse but this will be an indication that you are close to your recovery now. Some scars may appear red or pink in color and raised from the skin that will lighten and fade in color with time. The time period taken for recovery from breast augmentation depends on multiple factors. It relies on the chemistry and age of a person, and how you take proper care after surgery.


For quick and fast recovery you should follow some precautions given by your surgeon. Some of the measures are given below

  • Do not wear an underwire bra. 
  • Inhibit smoking one week before and after breast augmentation. 
  • Avoid taking aspirin and other medicines unless prescribed.
  • Do not engage yourself in hard and strenuous exercise. 
  • Direct exposure of your skin to the sun should be avoided. Use sunblock before going out.
  • Make sure to take a healthy and proper diet rich in proteins. 
  • Drink plenty of water and take proper sleep for a good recovery.
  • Do not sleep at the side of surgery.
  • Take proper medications as prescribed by the doctor.

Best Scar Treatments for Breast Augmentation:

There are various methods that fade and reduce the visibility of scars. You should see your doctor and discuss which treatment is best for you. The procedures designed for reducing the visibility of scars are as follows

  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • Vitamin E supplements
  • Topical Cortisone cream
  • Silicone sheeting

What to Expect from Breast Augmentation Scars?

This surgical method is the most versatile and has gained wide popularity nowadays. Having breast enlargement surgery is a big decision for women and they are often concerned about the boobs’ scars. But the results of this surgery can be life-changing. It gives proper shape and size to the breast and increases their confidence. 

The emotional impact of being unhappy by the size of the breast can not be underestimated and surgery sees that welcome end to these feelings. As surgery improves the appearance of breasts so women do not bother the signs of scars formed on their breasts. They get satisfied by the effective and fruitful results of surgery and make them more presentable and perfect.

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