How Long Do Botox Injections Last For Wrinkles in Dubai Cost & Price

Whenever there is a problem with our skin, we apply makeup to cover it. Thinking camouflaging is the way to go. But what we are not realizing is, we are actually worsening the situation. People tend to cover wrinkles with concealer and heavy layers of foundations. But with the passing of time, the lines deepen. And the matter becomes more difficult to treat. You know the skin has pores, so this makeup starts to slowly sink into the dents. What happens is, even when you take it off, the wrinkles appear wider and stronger than ever. Hiding away from your problems is not the best solution. What you need is Botox in Dubai. Read and find out; How Long Do Botox Injections Last For Wrinkles in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? And get an epic transformation today.

What Are The Effects Of Botox On The Skin?

It is a booster to the skin. It promotes new cells to form. And produces natural collagen inside the dermis where the loss began in the first place. So when Botox is injected underneath your problematic area. It stays there for a limited period of time. And during this duration, it plumps up the loose skin on the outer surface. And works inside the muscles, by filling in those gaps where the elasticity is missing. The protein spreads around the area and builds bridges to hold everything in place. This causes the end results to be tightening and brightening effects on your face.

How Long Do Botox Injections Last?

You can make the results last longer than the expected time. All you got to do is, follow the aftercare instructions very carefully. Excessive physical activities, such as long hours at the gym. Or swimming can eat up protein fast. This will cause the results to last for 3 or 4 months. But if you keep a healthy balance, the end results will last for a good 6 months or even more. You are advised to visit your Dermatologist for one session per year. However, you will need to complete the treatment first. In order to be able to sustain the maintenance for as long as you wish.


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What Is The Procedure?

Below is a piece of detailed information about what to expect during your appointment;

  • The expert will examine your skin. This is generally done by lightly massaging the area to detect weak muscles.
  • He/She will clean your skin first. And apply a numbing cream on the area under care.
  • The Dermatologist will then mark a few drawings on your face. These are the guidelines for the expert to know where to insert the injections.
  • The procedure requires time and patience. One injection is injected at a time.
  • And only a few units of doses are injected at a certain place. This is to prevent any risks of bruising or forming a scar. 
  • And lastly, an ice bag will be given to you after the treatment. You can gently place it on the treated areas to calm down the redness from the needles.
  • Or you can even ask for a soothing gel. The expert will prescribe it for your home care.

What Are The Benefits Of The Treatment?

There are multiple benefits of Botox Injections For Wrinkles in Dubai. Read to find out;

  • Once a wrinkle is gone, it is gone for good. 
  • It is a safe treatment with long-lasting effects.
  • You will notice improvements in less than a week.
  • Botox can help fade away even the most stubborn wrinkles and treat hyperpigmentation.
  • It restores the volume back into the dermis. You will notice a firm tightness in the texture and quality of your skin.
  • Botox can help to make you appear fresher and well-rested. It provides a youthful effect on your face.
  • And lastly, the treatment has no downtime. You can go hang out with your friends. Or go on about your day, right after your session.

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