How Long Do Body Jet Liposuction Results Last in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Having a slim and smart figure is the ultimate goal for everyone who is concerned about their weight. They prefer doing exercises and dieting to remove all the excess body fat. But at certain body parts, this stubborn body fat is not removed despite all the exercises and a healthy diet. The only solution for removing excess body fat is liposuction. It is the most versatile and effective procedure that is used to remove excess body fat. It is the best option for people who want to look smart and want an ideal figure. It is particularly done to remove excess body fat from particular areas of the body and this fat can be used in some other body parts. This procedure gives effective results and is performed by qualified health experts. If you are obese and want to get rid of excessive body fat or want fillers for your body and weight then this treatment is best and suitable for you. Cosmetic surgery offers a wide range of body contouring processes that give you a slimmer and smart look and make you more youthful. Liposuction is also an effective procedure of body contouring and people are now getting aware of this process. They also need to know How Long do Body Jet Liposuction Results Last in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

What is Liposuction?

Body jet liposuction is a less invasive fat reduction treatment. It is also named water-assisted et liposuction. This procedure has minimal downtime in which fluctuating water spray eliminates unwanted fat gently.

This procedure utilizes the strength of water to break and rupture all the fat pockets without causing pain and inflammation. It is the process with the least discomfort and the best and most long-lasting results. In this treatment, extra fats accumulated in the body are sucked out through the cannulas. It does not involve much agony and patiently shows a fast recovery.

This process reuses all the extra fat cells removed without causing any damage to them. They can be efficiently used in certain body parts used in fillers or other procedures in which fats are administered. It is more convenient than other techniques of fat removal as they cause damage to fat cells.

Procedure for Body Jet Liposuction:

It is a revolutionary process that uses a jet of water to exclude extra fat deposits on the body. A gentle pressure of water is targeted on the specific areas that dislodge the fat pockets and removes all the cellulite. It is a non-surgical process and the candidate does not need to experience any pain of surgery for outstanding results.

This body jet liposuction technique deeply depends on the power of concentrated water pressure. By inserting cannulas in the skin the water is targeted at the right place and releases the fat out of the body tissues with less trauma. It also lessens the risk of infection and blood loss as compared to other techniques.


It is considered the safest and most convenient procedure for a fat procedure. It has multiple benefits due to which it is recommended to choose this technique for liposuction.

  • It is a less painful process and does not cause any harm to the body.
  • It is considered a safe and sound process and the person faces no complications after this treatment is done.
  • This liposuction procedure has minimal downtime.
  • It does not cause any swelling or bruising and has no side effects.
  • It has a quick recovery rate and is performed under local anesthesia. 
  • Fat can be easily transferred to other areas that need to be lifted or given volume.
  • It does not need any chemicals that are given to the body.
  • It gives natural-looking results and eliminates all the unwanted body fat that lies in the form of cellulite.


This liposuction method is less invasive and gives no harm to the body. But still, for better and more effective results, there are some preventive measures that should be followed such as

Take proper sleep of at least 8 hours per day. 

Do not drink alcohol or other carbonated drinks.

Inhibit smoking as it carries many harmful carcinogens.

Take proper medications as prescribed by your doctor. 

Stop intake of oily foods and other unhealthy diets.

Take care of your hygiene and take a proper healthy meal.

Avoid doing vigorous and hard exercises so that your body may not get tired.

Why Choose Us?

Get rid of this useless body fat with liposuction. This water liposuction is performed by our highly qualified surgeons at our Enfiled Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Dubai. There are various methods for fat removal but the results of body jet liposuction are more reliable. People do not know How Long do Body Jet Liposuction Results Last in Dubai & Abu Dhabi so they can consult a doctor for more information.