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Are you worried about constant pain in your tooth? It is a  crucial part of the oral cavity that assist in many functions. The discomfort in it is typically unbearable and can invade all the surrounding parts. If the tooth is not treated it can cause decay it. Your tooth will break and cavities will form on the teeth. The color of your tooth changes to black which gives weird look to your smile. Visit our clinic and know How Long Can A Dead Tooth Stay in Your Mouth in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. If you notice more agony then it is better to consult your dentist as soon as possible to prevent long-term effects. 

What is It?

The strong tooth is declared dead if it does not receive any more oxygen and blood supply. It contains inner pulp that consists of many nerves, veins, and arteries. The restricted or nearly null supply of blood to it makes the tooth dead and functionless. It will probably turn grey or black color because of the poor supply of blood and oxygen.

How it Leads to Death?

The inner pulp of teeth contains all the nerves and blood vessels. it helps the teeth by providing all the essential nutrients, blood, and oxygen for keeping them alive and strong. Due to many reasons, this pulp can be infected which can cause destruction to it. The damaged pulp hinders the blood supply to the teeth and turns the original white transparent teeth into a greyish look. This dead tooth can remain in the gum and in some cases, it is very painful. 


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Does this Tooth Fall Out?

Yes, this tooth can also fall out on its own. If this infected tooth is present deep in the gum then you need to see a dentist for its removal. In this case, you will feel much discomfort due to its deep insertion. You will also notice the change in tooth color due to a lack of blood supply. The technical reason for this change is infected or destroyed pulp. This problem can be long-lasting and lead to difficulty in chewing and eating habits. 

How Long can it Stay in the Mouth?

Most people do not come to know about the dead tooth until they feel pain in it. It becomes more irritating if they consult the dentist for a better prescription and removal of damaged teeth. Damaged teeth can stay in the mouth for days or a couple of months if they are painless. As you know the empty space in the oral cavity is more susceptible to infection. If it is removed there are chances of invading infection in the surrounding areas. It can lead to agony and cause more discomfort.

What are the Treatments Done for it?

Your dentist will perform several treatments for tooth removal. There are some procedures that are done for the removal of dead teeth. The details are given below

  • Tooth Extraction:

It is a simple dental procedure that involves the removal of the infected tooth. Your healthcare provider will numb the gum and give an incision on the gum. He will use a dental instrument to lose it so that it may come out of the gum easily. You will feel bleeding or pain in the extraction.

  • Root Canal:

It is done for guarding necrotic and fully destroyed teeth. It is a surgical method that is done by an endodontist. The damaged teeth are removed with the help of a root canal. The center part of a tooth contains pulp that consists of blood vessels, nerves, and thin layers of connective tissue. When this pulp gets inflamed and infected it might infect its surroundings which may increase the risk of infection. Your doctor will numb the respective area and remove the tooth. 


You need to measure all the aftercare measures to minimize pain caused by it. Your dentist will give you some suggestions that you should follow for better results. 

  • Place some ice packs or eat ice cream after you remove your teeth.
  • Brush your teeth two times a day to lower the risk of infection. 
  • Floss your mouth daily with warm saline water.
  • Inhibit smoking to avoid the entry of any carcinogen.
  • Eat painkillers if you feel pain in your gum.
  • Keep that extraction site clean and rinse it with anti-bacterial mouthwash. 
  • Avoid intense and vigorous exercise for a couple of days.
  • Take all the prescribed medicines as given by your doctor.

Results and Recovery:

There is no downtime for tooth extraction. You can get back to your normal work immediately after extracting the infected tooth. There are chances that you may feel some pain but that will subside after some time. You will have to take care of the extraction site to prevent the chance of oral infection. 

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