Dazzling Skin is a symbol of a youthful persona but dermal hazards can wreak havoc on your face. If you are looking for a way of treating skin damage and acne scarring without unbearable pain? Then Microneedling In Dubai is a better alternative for you. It is a hypodermic injectable treatment with accelerated recovery and gradual but durable results. Furthermore, It boosts collagen production by pin-pricking the skin to make minor controlled injuries. Collagen makes skin firm and smooth. Despite being a rather old treatment for birthmarks and dark spots, microneedling has not lost its hold due to the popularity of aesthetic, rejuvenating skin. Read along to discover more about how Does Microneedling Treatment Work in Dubai & Abu Dhabi -and the benefits it offers you.

What Is Microneedling?

This is a minimally invasive treatment that requires injecting microneedles into the skin. These small sterilized needles pierce the skin and produce controlled injuries that stimulate the immune system to heal and mend the skin. The skin loses its collagen with age so by stimulating the skin the natural tissue and collagen production is enhanced. The desired effect is reached throughout several sessions depending on the severity of the condition and expectations of the individual. The process is mostly done on the face but it can also be used for treatment of scarring on other parts of the body.

Aim Of Treatment:

The treatment aims to mend damaged and scarred skin. Primarily, the process is used to resolve any dermal hazard. Along with enhancing the overall appearance and texture of skin. After going through the treatment you will be able to own an evenly textured skin. Furthermore, the phenomenon of hyperpigmentation is also reduced. It includes numerous skin benefits that help individuals gain a more aesthetic presence.

What To Expect From The Process?

After signing up for treatment, the process is administered through several steps. The following general steps are performed in this treatment:

  • To begin with, the thorough preparation of the skin occurs to cleanse it of any gunk, oil, or sebum.
  • The procedure is performed using local anesthesia which is applied directly over the skin to numb the area but keep the patient awake during the process.
  • Later, the specialist uses any microneedling device such as derma rollers or motorized pen with fine needles to make controlled micro-injuries for the stimulation of the natural wound-healing process of the body. 
  • After the completion of the process, a qualified practitioner applies serum or platelet-rich plasma or a combination of both over the skin depending on the technique that is priorly discussed with the patient. 
  • In the end, a cooling agent along with antibiotics is applied over the skin to reduce the risk of inflammation and irritation.
  • Regular follow-up sessions as well as health check-ups are conducted to identify the severity of skin conditions and the number of sessions needed.

Benefits To Look For:

By undergoing Microneedling In Dubai, you will expect several benefits. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • Firstly, the treatment is a minimally invasive surgery that uses the body’s natural immune system to heal and rejuvenate skin.
  • Moreover, it is a faster and cost-effective alternative with a short recovery time, prolonged results, and as such no cautionary measures after the procedure.
  • The treatment increases collagen and elastin production in the blood which improves overall skin tone and texture. 
  • The treatment contains personalized plans based on skin type, reaction to procedures, and concerns related to it.
  • Furthermore, the treatment minimizes pore size and enhances the absorption of skin care products radiating a more aesthetic look.
  • The patients undergoing the treatment report a reduction in Acne Scars Treatment In Dubai.
  • Lastly, this treatment is versatile and applies to a variety of skin conditions. 
  • Along with the cosmetic perks of the treatment, this treatment also has a few other benefits such as treatment in the form of alopecia (loss of hair) and vitiligo (repigmentation).
  • By the end of the sessions, you will own radiating, fine, and smooth skin, and the overall functioning of the treated area will be enhanced.

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