How Do I Tighten My Jawline in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost & Price

The face is the most exposed profile of our personality. Having a pretty face without any structure can really outcast one’s beauty. We tend to hide away from social gatherings. If you are struggling with a double chin or any other beauty disorder. A jawline surgery is for you. Ever wondered how to go from having no bone to a full bone in your face? If you are considering How Do I Tighten My Jawline in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? Well, we have the answer. Our experts at Enfield Royal Clinic in Dubai can help you. We provide the confidence you need, to feel wonderful about yourself.

What Is A Jawline Treatment?

A Jawline treatment is also known as Orthognathic surgery. It is a procedure that straightens your jaws and helps to put them back in the correct place. Patients who have trouble eating, talking, or swallowing are usually the ones seeking help. Even if you have problems with breathing disorders, this surgery will help get rid of all these problems.

What Happens During A Jawline Surgery?

This is a step-by-step guide to help you understand every single stage of the procedure;

  • The patient has to undergo a 3D CT scan. This is a crucial step because the scan helps to produce a detailed image of your facial structure.
  • The images are then uploaded to the digital software. 
  • The surgeon then digitally designs the jawline area of the patient according to the anatomy of your face.
  • This helps to re-design the jaw area to be contoured with the help of the surgery.
  • A 3D guide is generated for later use in the surgery.
  • This is the most reliable and important step of the procedure. Because this specific step is the key point. It helps to reconstruct the jawline through virtual planning. And into real surgery to get real results. 


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  • Under general anesthesia, the operation is being held.
  • The surgeon will make an incision inside the mouth.
  • The cutting guide is then placed inside the mouth. This help to fix the jawline.
  • The bones are cut and made along the cutting guide.
  • A state-of-the-art and advanced technology handheld ultrasonic instrument is used to perform the surgery.
  • The structure of the bone is created. This innovative process creates and delivers a highly precise and symmetrical bone cut.
  • The purpose of this is to provide a safer and more predictable outcome.

What Are The Benefits?

There are so many advantages of tightening your Jawline. Some of the most common and popular among our satisfied patients are;

  • It brings a complete change to your facial structure. Advanced technology is used to perform the surgery fast. The timing of the surgery is very minimal. This allows very little trauma to the patient.
  • It can fix the deficit in your lower jaw. Patients with crooked teeth structures or big bite problems also find a massive improvement in their jaws.
  • Teeth that overhang on your mouth or in the front of your mouth can also be fixed thanks to jawline surgery.
  • If you have no jawline. It really challenges your self-esteem. A Jawline surgery can give you the confidence you need to perform well in your social life.
  • It helps to treat your smile if you are struggling with a gummy smile. This surgery works beyond the health benefits. If you have insecurities. No matter the situation, surgery can help fix them all.
  • It will make you fall in love with your smile. The end results are a new jawline. This gives your face a very unique and beautiful facial appearance. It is an upgrade to your face.

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