How Do I Call a Doctor at Home in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

It is essential to have access to healthcare in a busy city like Dubai. It can be convenient and helpful to know how to call for a doctor to come to your house when you need medical help. Thankfully, Dubai provides effective in-home healthcare services, allowing locals to obtain medical care without having to leave their homes. This convenience is particularly valuable for people who have long-term medical conditions or limited mobility. They can now get high-quality medical care while lounging in their own homes. This can lessen the strain of travelling to and around medical facilities and significantly enhance their overall quality of life. Read on to learn more about How Do I Call a Doctor at Home in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Understanding Home Doctor Services:

With home healthcare services, patients can get medical professionals’ knowledge right at their door. For those who are unable to visit a hospital or clinic, have busy schedules, or are in urgent need of medical attention, this is the perfect solution. Patients can obtain medical care conveniently and effectively without having to deal with the inconvenience of leaving their homes thanks to home doctor services. In addition, these services can lessen the chance of contracting infectious diseases that might be prevalent in medical facilities, which makes them particularly helpful in emergencies involving public health. 

Initiating a Doctor’s Visit at Home:

Reaching Out to a Service Provider:

The first step is to locate a trustworthy home healthcare provider. The Enfield Royal Clinic in Dubai provides top-notch in-home medical care.

Making an Appointment:

It’s simple to make an appointment after you’ve decided on a provider. To arrange visits, the majority of services offer specific hotlines or apps.

Providing Information:

Be ready to share pertinent information, such as your location, any special needs, and any health issues, when making the appointment.

Ideal Scenarios for Home Doctor Visits:


In situations where visiting a hospital is not feasible, home doctor services play a critical role in delivering timely medical care. These services are especially helpful for people who might find it difficult to leave their homes due to chronic illnesses or limited mobility. Additionally, for people who lead busy lives and would rather receive medical care in the comfort of their own homes, a home visit doctor can be a convenient option. 

Regular Check-ups:

Performing follow-ups or routine check-ups for chronic conditions at home is convenient. Patients can avoid crowded waiting rooms and save time by having doctor visits at home. Moreover, home health care can lower the chance of contracting infectious diseases for older or immunocompromised patients. 

Factors Affecting the Cost:

Type of Service: 

Whether an urgent care centre, specialized treatments, or a routine checkup is needed, the costs will vary accordingly.

Duration and Timing: 

Extended consultations or visits outside of regular business hours may be subject to extra fees. 

The location and travel time of the healthcare provider are additional variables that may impact the cost of home healthcare. Patients who reside in remote areas might be required to pay an additional fee to cover the healthcare provider’s travel expenses. The complexity of the illness or required treatment can also affect how much it costs because more specialized care may call for more resources and knowledge. 

Advantages of Calling a Doctor Home:


Get around the trouble of travelling or standing in line at the hospital. Furthermore, you can save time and energy by having a doctor come to your house instead of worrying about transportation or possible hospital delays. In addition, getting medical care in the convenience of your own home can make the process more laid-back and customized, facilitating improved communication and a clearer understanding of your needs. 

Personalised Care: 

Physicians can offer individualized care in a comfortable setting by making house calls. This can result in a more thorough evaluation of your health because the physician can see how you live and provide customized advice for your overall health. Furthermore, you might feel more at ease in a familiar environment, which can improve the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment outcomes. 


Very helpful for senior citizens, people with impairments, and people with restricted movement. Making a doctor’s house call can also lessen the chance of contracting additional diseases that might exist in a hospital setting. Additionally, it can give patients comfort and assurance, as they might feel more comfortable in their own homes. 


In an emergency, knowing where to find home doctor services in Dubai can ease your mind. Getting medical care is made easier with the knowledge and convenience of Enfield Royal Clinic’s home healthcare services. Furthermore, patients with hectic schedules or trouble getting to the doctor can save time by using home doctor services in Dubai. 

This enables them to get the medical attention they require without interfering with their regular activities or creating transportation issues. Ultimately, home doctor services offer a convenient, individualized healthcare experience that puts the patient’s comfort and well-being first.