How Can I Manage My Scarring After A Breast Reduction in Dubai Cost

Get ready to transform your scars into a symbol of strength by exploring our optimal guide on How to Manage Scars After Breast Reduction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. According to research, most individuals are worried about the scars after breast surgeries. But we are here to resolve your queries with the most effective tips so that you can benefit from these reconstruction techniques without any hesitation. Spend 5 minutes to read the blog and schedule a proper consultation about this therapy!

Breast Reduction:

A surgeon does breast reduction in Dubai to make the breast size smaller by removing extra fat and tissue for smaller bosom pairs. The other name of this surgery is reduction mammaplasty. The main aim of this surgery is to get the proportion breast, so the people with larger breasts consider this procedure. Several problems can be resolved by this surgery, some of them are as follows: 

  • Discomforts in the chest
  • Back with chronic pain 
  • Irritated skin with chronic rash 
  • Nerve pain under the breast
  • Difficulty in doing physical activities 
  • Asymmetric  size of the breast with another part of the body


Breast tests that is breast mammograms will be taken before the surgery. Men are also eligible for this surgery if they have gynecomastia which is a condition of having abnormal male breasts. To minimize the risks and side effects of the surgery, always consult a doctor who is a plastic surgeon with a board certificate. An experienced doctor will lead their patient to get realistic expectations. 

Breast Reduction Ways:

Different techniques are used to reduce the breasts. Some techniques and their procedure are explained below:

  • T-shaped Incision:

This technique can be done by a surgeon by making an incision around the breast area or under the inverted T near the breast, this technique is for people who have more larger size of breasts or gigantomastia. This procedure is considered as safe and effective.

  • Circumareolar Technique:

This technique can be done with a combination of liposuction surgery for a person who has good quality skin and opts for smaller reductions in the size of the breast. In this technique, the areola position may be lifted by the doctor. 

  • Horizontal Scar Breast Reduction:

This is a new technique useful for people who have comparatively larger size of breasts. There is a chance of scarring after this technique.

  • Short Scar Breast Lift:

This technique is similar to an operation, the doctor will place a new breast to get the proper fold. In this procedure, the doctor will remove the excessive skin by making an incision. This technique is the best to maintain the position and projection of a breast. 

Managing Scars After Breast Reduction:

Following are some guidelines to manage scars after undergoing breast reduction:

Follow Post-Operative Care Instructions:

It is essential to adhere to the post-operative care instructions provided by your surgeon to minimize scarring effectively. These guidelines typically involve maintaining cleanliness at the incision sites, avoiding strenuous activities, and wearing recommended supportive garments.

Stay Hydrated and Nourished:

Optimal healing is promoted by maintaining a well-hydrated and nourished body. Ensure you drink an ample amount of water and consume a well-balanced diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals, as these elements play a crucial role in the skin’s recovery process.

Massage and Topical Treatments:

Assisting in promoting blood circulation and softening the tissue, gentle massaging of scarred areas with recommended creams or ointments is beneficial. Silicone-based gels or sheets are popular options for reducing scar visibility, often recommended by surgeons for effective scar management.

Sun Protection:

Protecting your healing scars from the sun is imperative. Exposure to UV rays can darken scars and impede the natural healing process. Use sunscreen with a high SPF or cover the scars with clothing when spending time outdoors.

Consider Scar-Reducing Products:

Explore available scar-reducing products like creams, gels, or silicone patches in the market. Before using any product, consult with your surgeon to ensure it aligns with your unique healing process.

Attend Follow-Up Appointments:

Regular follow-up appointments with your surgeon enable ongoing assessment of the healing progress. Your surgeon can offer personalized advice, address concerns, and ensure optimal scar management throughout recovery.

Pre and Post-Care Guidelines to Manage Scarring:

Some crucial before and after instructions are given below:


  • Do not take anti-inflammatory medicines 
  • Refrain from smoking 
  • Avoid taking other drugs 
  • Avoid intake of medicines without a doctor’s advice.


  • One should avoid doing strenuous exercise for one month 
  • sleep on your back for 2 weeks
  • Refrain from driving for one week 
  • Do not smoke 
  • Avoid drinking alcohol 
  • Always take medicines that are prescribed by a doctor 

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