How Can I Cover My Lost Teeth in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

A bright confident smile has the power to capture hearts. However, if you feel you have been refraining from laughing out loud or generally smiling in public due to a completely damaged or lost tooth? We have the best treatment for you! Read about; Dental Implant In Dubai. Find out: How Can I Cover My Lost Teeth in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Or visit us for a personal consultation today. We have helped restore happy smiles to many satisfied patients. You could be next in line!

What Causes A Tooth To Fall Out?

There is a reason why taking care of your teeth is highly recommended. It will save you from major mishaps and protect the well-being of your overall oral health. However, if you are not a keen practitioner of oral hygiene, you may encounter bacteria and cavities that will eventually knock down your healthy tooth. Furthermore, an empty space on your gums will also cause other infections and bleeding which is going to stake risk on other healthy teeth.

How Do I Restore A Confident Smile?

You are advised to consult with your Dentist as soon as any minor fracture occurs. The specialist will advise you on mandatory self-care practices and recommend a few dental procedures to ensure the security of your oral health. In case you have lost teeth due to poor health or an accident, we will perform Dental Implants treatment to restore your radiant and confident smile.

What Are Dental Implants?

The concept of dental implants revolves around replacing your natural tooth. It is a replica of your lost tooth that is fixed into your jawbone. What happens is that you are going to visit the dentist for a personal consultation. He/She will examine your dental health and determine the number of implants for you. A 3D scan is also performed during this session to design a replacement crown on the installed hooks. This approach is going to give an instant impression of a full set of healthy teeth. Although the treatment is ideally parted into two separate sessions for your safety. However, after a complete procedure, you can enjoy a peaceful life with a vivid smile for many years to come.

What Is The Installation Method?

This is a slightly invasive procedure. Below is a general guideline about your treatment that is going to take place inside a Doctor’s office;

  • The first step is to deep clean the entire mouth. This will eliminate the dentin and other impurities stuck between the teeth.
  • We will then inject a calculated dose of anesthetic injection into your gums. This will numb the mouth and provide you with a pain-free treatment.
  • Your dentist will use special dental tools to drill into the empty gum area. A deep hole is made into the jawbone. 
  • This step is followed by introducing a screw-like hook, which is going to be planted into this region. It will act like a tooth foundation for the custom-designed crown.
  • It takes time to install the required number of dental implants. After a complete installation, you are sent home with a few painkillers and aftercare guidelines, until you are all healed up for the next stage.
  • On the next appointed date, the custom-made crown is placed on the screws. This will complete your aesthetic and dental requirements to practice safe oral hygiene.

What Are The Key Benefits For Me?

There are numerous advantages of Dental Implant In Dubai. Read and explore the happy facts;

  • The first and most important factor is the restoration of your confidence. As a result, your self-esteem will rise up.
  • It is also an upgrade to your dental health. You can easily brush your teeth and safeguard your overall oral health.
  • Candidates talk about being able to eat with ease. You can happily enjoy your meals as you bite and chew respectively.
  • Furthermore, it is also going to enhance your aesthetic features. You can confidently smile and laugh again.
  • On top of that, no one will be able to identify any artificial replacement because the implants are going to perfectly blend with the natural teeth.
  • This is a long-term solution to your current problem. You will be able to pronounce the correct speech without any hesitation.
  • Your dental health is also going to improve. No more gum bleeding while brushing your teeth. Hence, it will eliminate the bad breath issues due to regular cleaning.

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