Percutaneous Cystostomy in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Suprapubic Cystostomy

They say; “what goes up – must come down”. Such is the case with our Diabetic Foot Care consumption. As soon as our smart digestive system processes the intake, whether liquid or solid, the digested particles are transformed into their respective states before being dispatched for flushing away. However, due to unhealthy living standards, your physical well-being is gradually affected. When we talk about digestion, we do not necessarily specify stool passing. Being able to urinate normally is equally important to sustaining good health. Today, so many people are reportedly diagnosed to be suffering from urinary retention or other urinary tract issues worldwide. Fortunately, medical sciences are addressing and reversing this disorder with the help of a minimally invasive procedure known as; Percutaneous Cystostomy in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Read along as we unfold detailed insight into the occurrence and determination of the problem.

What Is Percutaneous Cystostomy?

This surgical method is approached to create a drainage channel from a person’s bladder to their ureter, allowing them to urinate normally. It is a technical procedure that requires an expert team of well-experienced surgeons to successfully insert a thin tube through the skin to the bladder. This process requires securing the catheter into one place and allowing the urine to pass through from an alternative route. 

What Are The Early Signs And Indications?

If you feel pressure or sudden pain in the pelvic area while urinating, this could be an alarming situation. Below are some of the common symptoms that could lead to surgery if you happen to be struggling with emptying your bladder without ease;

  • Urinary Obstruction: anyone who feels retention or a void while peeing could be dealing with neurogenic dysfunction. 
  • Bladder Outlet Obstruction: complications such as kidney stones can often clog the ureter or congest the urine flow. However, sometimes patients recall witnessing kidney crystals or blood drops in their urine. 
  • Spine Injury: the aftermath of an accident could lead to long-term spinal cord injuries. This could often injure the bladder or pelvis due to sudden crushing pressure. As a result, the urine pipe could get damaged and disturb the urinary function. 

What Is The Procedure?

  • Detailed diagnoses are required to perform the surgery in the light of ultrasound and X-ray reports.
  • During the operation, the medical team will use general anesthesia to eliminate your pain and memory of the surgery.
  • A small incision is made into the abdomen area to gain access to the bladder region. 
  • We use a needle-like tool to attach it inside the ureter. A trocar is inserted to support the alternative pipe to allow urine draining. 
  • It may take a few days until your natural system is healed, after which the catheter is removed and the skin is stitched and dressed for complete recovery.

What To Expect After The Surgery?

The recovery duration varies from person to person. Some patients are eligible to go home the very day. Whereas, others are kept under observation for a day or two to monitor their health and recovery. Before discharging you from the hospital, your Surgeon will provide you with aftercare guidelines from home along with oral and topical medications for a smoother recovery. In case a patient witnesses wound bleeding, pain, or other problems related to the operated site, you are advised to reach out for medical aid immediately. 


This is a safe and effective treatment option that provides prolonged and long-term advantages for your overall well-being. Below are some of the healthy changes that make a positive impact on your well-being;

  • Minimal pain and shorter recovery period.
  • A complete restoration of natural urinal drainage.
  • No more bleeding or stone passing during urination.
  • Safety of Surgical Kidney Stone Removal health and functioning.
  • Improved quality of life with maximum comfort.

An Outlook On The Surgery:

Percutaneous Cystostomy is a medical solution for urinary retention and other pelvic problems. The surgical techniques are designed to minimize the trauma to the body while preventing post-surgical memory on the skin. We have a team of expert professionals who instill their skills and expertise to upgrade a patient’s living standard. Your kidneys serve a purpose to keep the toxins out of the system. On the contrary, if a sudden malfunction is detected, your body is smart enough to identify the symptoms on time. It is your responsibility to reach out for medical help on time and seek the best medical treatment to boost your health. Remember, an empty bladder is the safety lock to your kidneys’ well-being.

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