Open Prostatectomy in Dubai Robotic Radical Prostatectomy Surgery

Aging can cause malfunction inside the body. It can even trigger errors inside a male’s reproductive system. Prostate Enlargement is also associated with growing age. This problem revolves around continuous semen discharging while urination. The abnormal ejaculation contributes to other serious health-related problems. Your prostrate enters the urethra and squeezes the muscles to force or push semen fluids out as you orgasm. This can lead to benign prostatic hyperplasia or prostate cancers. If you can relate to the highlight of your medical concern, read along as we unfold detailed insight into the problem and introduce a comprehensive overview of the surgical solution for you. Explore; Open Prostatectomy in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and discover how it works to restore your well-being.

What Is An Open Prostatectomy?

This is an advanced surgical treatment that uses special technology to get the job done. An Open Prostatectomy is performed to remove the prostate gland which is a part of the male reproductive system. The affected region sits below the bladder and covers the entire urethra. The problem can grow wide enough to affect urine flow and consistency. To target and treat the issue from its very core, we shift our attention to two types of treatment options; 

  • Robotics-Assisted Open Prostatectomy; allows an enhanced precision and fast recovery. It is the most common technique which is taken under consideration. It requires a single incision in the lower abdomen to fix the problem.
  • A Radical Prostatectomy; is performed by making vertical incisions to remove the prostate. A cut is made through the perineum to access the fat and tissues inside. The Surgeon disconnects and re-connects the bladder from your testicles to prevent the semen from entering the urinary tube. 

What Are The Symptoms?

The significance of an enlarged prostate causing troublesome indications such as urinary retention, frequent urination, semen discharge in urinal flow, or difficulty emptying the bladder could be early signs of the problem. On the other hand, it can also negatively impact your mental health and cause massive mood swings as well. 

Who Is A Suitable Candidate?

Candidates are advised to opt for an initial consultation beforehand. A board-certified Surgeon will examine your overall health condition and perform a few mandatory tests before signing you up for this procedure. If potential prostate cancer or prostatitis causes inflammation in the affected glands is monitored in the screening tests and other medical reports, such as urine tests suggest a blockage in the urethra. We will immediately fill you in and prepare for the operative care. 

Safety Guideline Before The Operation:

  • Pause your alcohol consumption, and refrain from smoking as well.
  • Do not swim in the salt water and steer clear of private pools due to chlorine. 
  • If you are on blood thinning medication, consult your general doctor and pause the intake for a limited period. 
  • Drink plenty of healthy fluids and fresh juices. Keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water intake. 
  • Any possible or previous allergy to drugs or other medications must be reported before the operation. 
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet to prepare your body for smooth and fast healing. 
  • Lastly, do not take part in any physical or sexual activities. 

What Happens During The Procedure?

This is considered to be a major surgery. Below is general information about the different steps and stages of the operation;

  • You are put to sleep under the influence of general anesthesia. This will eliminate all the pain memory caused during the process.
  • The Surgeon will cover the entire body and only draw their attention toward the lower abdomen region. 
  • We will gain access to the prostate gland by making a deep incision from your belly area to the internal depth of the bladder region. 
  • It is then carefully removed from the obstructing prostate tissue and disconnected from the urinary tube simultaneously. 
  • The tube is reconnected to the bladder after making a few required adjustments for improved urination experience without semen intervention. 
  • In the end, the wounds are stitched and you are transferred to the recovery room where a team of doctors and nurses will look after your well-being until you are all better to return home. 

How Is The Recovery Coming Along?

This is a precision-oriented surgery, therefore the wounds will heal swiftly as compared to other major operations. You are required to stay at the hospital for a day or two. This is because the Catheter Care at Home is attached to help you drain urine from the bladder. Once we detach it from the body, you are good to go home and recover within a month. Meanwhile, your check-up appointments are aligned for you to track your progress and wound healing. Some oral medications and topical ointments are provided to prevent bacterial infections. 

Rehabilitation Program Post-Surgery:

Our rehab program is the health monitoring for those patients who can not look after themselves at home. We have a team of qualified nurses, who will take care of patients who experience catheterization for a brief period. The appointed nurse(s) will assist with urine drainage. Moreover, the rehab program also involves aiding patients to walk gradually, return to normal activities, and resume their everyday lives without facing any challenges. 

Potential Complications After The Surgery:

It is generally a safe surgery without any side effects. However, some potential risks may arise if you do not follow the aftercare guidelines. Your oral and topical medications will prevent infections. Be sure to complete the antibiotic dose to speed up the healing process. Change your wound dressing every day and drink plenty of water to cleanse the urinary tube. Any lack of care can reverse the healing. If you feel fever or pain on the operated site, be sure to reach out for medical assistance immediately. 

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