Oligo Check In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Oligoscan Test Dubai

Are you interested in learning about the exact influence of the diet plan followed by you? Then you just need to reach out and get your Oligo Check In Dubai & Abu Dhabi right now. This process is one of the most effective and authentic ways to observe the existence of the chemical components present within the body. The good news is that this method is highly recommended by specialists to learn about the keen oversight of the nutrients, vitamins, etc. Moreover, it is a swift, and non-invasive procedure used to extract detailed information about your health. Let’s dive into the details and find out the facts mentioned below.

What Is Oligo Check?

It is classified as an alternative to the complete health assessment. It is conducted with a hand-held apparatus, also named spectrophotometry. The apparatus reflects the light energy on the skin from the wrist. By doing so, the device collects all the information about vitamins, oxidation stress in your body, vitamins, and trace elements. On the whole, the intensity and existing level of these components are extracted and observed with the help of this device. To be precise, the level of nutrients present within the body is observed with the help of this device.

How Does It Work?

During the session, a light of a specific intensity is applied to the skin, which further analyzes it. Furthermore, the depending on the light patterns generated from the reflection. The service provider observes and interprets the outcome of the procedure. By doing so, they notice the existence of the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc, present within the body. 


The outcome of the check-up differs from person to person. However, on the whole, the device presents a complete report, while highlighting the existing natural components present within the body, along with explaining their intensity and level as well.   

Eligibility Criteria:

Any individual who wants to learn about the level of the healthy chemicals present within the body is eligible to commence the session. Along with that, any individual who is suffering from any chronic disease and wants to keep a calorie check is also able to proceed with this method of examination. Aside from that, the individuals who are willing to notice the effect of their changed lifestyle can also reach out for the analysis.        


  • Fasting for a personalized period is needed.
  • Receive personalized recommendations regarding the intake of medicines.
  • Moreover, avoid the application of topical medicines or cosmetic products. 


  • Firstly, the marked area of the skin is disinfected.
  • Later, with the help of a hand-held device, the skin is scanned.
  • Furthermore, the device then thoroughly analyzes the internal happenings.
  • Within a few moments, the outcome is displayed on the screen.
  • The session is likely to be concluded within a few minutes. 
  • Respective treatment plans or medications are recommended to sustain a healthy living.


  • The individuals are likely to receive personalized measures to follow at home.
  • Along with a customized diet plan as well.
  • Certain supplements are also recommended by the specialist.
  • The overall lifestyle is arranged to maintain the required energy level.


  • First things first, the procedure will come along with quick and immediate results.
  • The procedure is completely free from utilizing invasive and surgical apparatus.
  • Along with that, there is as such no scar, mark, or sign on the skin after the session.
  • Most of all, it is a safe, convenient, and precise method to receive a report explaining the almost exact texture of the skin. 
  • With the help of the procedure, the individuals can mold and re-arrange their health schedule.
  • The diet plan is organized while also considering the personal preference of the individual along with their expectations and needs for healthy living. 
  • On the whole, the individuals will have a comprehensive guide regarding their physical existence.  

Side Effects:

  • Misdiagnosed if not fasting.
  • Incorrect results could occur.
  • Unnecessary supplements could fluctuate internal health. For this reason, we advise candidates to follow the pre-treatment plan and always consult with the specialist before proceeding forward to self-medication.


The total cost of the Oligo Check In Dubai is extracted depending on diverse factors. These factors differ from person to person due to unique analysis and their respective number of sessions in rare cases. This is why a one-on-one consultation is required for detailed analysis. However, the starting cost is priced at AED 450.

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